Why and How to Have a Yahoo! Business Listing

In most societies today, a lot of business transactions, including meeting a new client, consultations and even exchange of money, are done on the web. It is therefore very important to register your business on Yahoo business listing.

This action will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of the online marketing platform.

What Is Yahoo Business Listing?

Yahoo! business listing is an online advertising platform. It allows you to provide detailed information about your business to millions of potential customers around the world in just one click.

Also, it enables you to provide your business name, location and telephone number to potential clients who would be interested in your services.

Why Is Yahoo Business Listing Important?

Having your business name on Yahoo! business listing is important because it identifies you as a unique brand to your customers. This ensures that you get a higher targeted traffic rating on your business website. It helps a lot in the overall ranking of your website in search engines.

Yahoo! business listing also ensures that any clients who would be interested in visiting your business premises physically are able to do so using the location and directions you provide. This is especially important for businesses like restaurants or fashion outlets.

How to Get Your Company on Yahoo! Business Listing in 5 Easy Steps

You can add your business to Yahoo! business listing easily by following these steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is search for your business name on Yahoo. Yahoo! will most likely have a listing of it on its index and all you have to do then is claim it.
  2. A result for your business should be displayed on the right side of the search results page, in a box known as the knowledge box. At this point, if your business name has not been claimed by another person, you will see a link reading Is this your business? Verify your listing.
  3. You can now clink on the provided link which will take you to a Yext page where you are able to see how the information provided for your business appears on Yext’s Powerlisting Network. (N.B.: Yext is a local business listing service that was outsourced by Yahoo to specifically handle the management of its local listings).
  4. After you have seen how your business is listed on Yext, you can now click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page. This takes you to an Update your Listing page which allows you to update your business information, like the location or phone number.
  5. Once you have updated your business information, click on Continue button, which will now take you to a page where you can select your preferred payment plan. Click on Select Your Plan button.

The Payment Plans

You will see with four payment plan options that are as follows:

  • Yahoo! Only: This option is the cheapest, where you can get your business listed for only $3 per week, or an annual charge of $150.
  • The second payment option is the Essential Plus Package. This package goes for $9 per week, or an annual charge of $449. The package allows you to have your business listed on Yahoo! and 11 other top sites, like Facebook, Google, etc.
  • The third package available for your selection is the Complete Standard Package. This package allows you added benefits which include listing your business in over 50 sites, the ability to publish your calendars, menus etc. It also allows you to get your marketing analytics reports easily. The charges for the Complete Standard Package are $10 per week, or $499 per year.
  • The Premium Advanced Package is the fourth payment plan option. At $19 per week, or $999 per year, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Complete Standard Package, as well as access to Yext pages, and review monitoring of your business.

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Alternative Option

The other available option to get your Yahoo! business listing is to claim your free basic listing from Yahoo. This option is ideal if you only want to place your listing Yahoo! without managing it through Yext.

  • On the Select Your Plan page, there is the link for Claim Your Basic Listing on Yahoo! right under the main chart. Click on this link.
  • The link takes you to the Yahoo Basic Listing Checkout page. Simply complete the checkout and then click on Place Order button.
  • Once this is done, Yext will send you an email to verify your email address. Click on the link and create a password. You can now log in to your account.
  • The final step is to now verify your business and prove that you represent it. Yext provides three options to do this. You can choose to Upgrade Now which basically means you upgrade your account to a paid account. You can also choose to have Yext call you to verify the business. The third option is to upload a verification document, a process which takes about two weeks for Yext to verify your business.

Listing Bottom Line

The first step towards effectively marketing your business today is to ensure that your business information services are available for your potential clients online. Apart from widening your client base, it also ensures that when necessary, you are able to effectively reach certain clients through targeted marketing and advertising. Yahoo! business listing is the easiest and most recommended way of getting your business information out to the world.

Get your company on Yahoo! business listing today, and get your business off to a great start. If you already have your business there, ensure you update any changes on your company’s information at all times. Encourage others in your business field to do the same always and share your experience here, for others to learn from.

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