The Rise and Shine of Video Streaming in Marketing

It seems that the connection between brand and buyer becomes more and more human each year. There are years, studies and numbers behind this, of course. But the picture is the one that matters and the ones in movement are certainly welcomed. Video streaming is now in the spotlight and it seems to remain there, as buyers enjoy it.

This marketing technique can be considered the daughter of viral YouTube videos. At that point, the purpose of videos was to capture emotions. But even these have reached the next level with video streaming. Brands have embraced live video streaming and they are now one step closer to their audience. Millennials are actively responding to this type of marketing and the digital word to mouth spreads faster than ever. But even if this marketing success bomb exploded, it needs to be used wisely. Below you will find tips on how to have a safe trip with the video streaming train.

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What Is Video Streaming?

Technically, live video streaming  means that the content sent by the brand reaches the buyer in real-time. It appeared in the business environment in 2015, when Twitter bought Periscope. The trigger of video streaming’s success was the release of Facebook Live. The marketing potential of this feature has been fully exploited, as Facebook even launched an advertising campaign to support it.

The most common and safest ways to use video streaming for marketing purposes are Q & A sessions and official announcements. Interviews, events and behind-the-scenes glimpses closely follow. These are all supported by the flawless technical equipment used in the shooting. Consequently, Instagram and Snapchat also released video features. But let’s not underestimate live streaming. Regular users can also broadcast live too and some platforms even send notifications to their friends signaling this.

Who Uses Video Streaming?

Video streaming comes along with its nonnegotiable particularities. Therefore, social platforms may be free and accessible. But the brands that use them are the ones that are prepared to broadcast spontaneous, raw and friendly content to their public.

Apparently, this marketing trend is embraced by plenty of companies. In the end, it represents a matter of choice and of compatibility with other brand factors. If the target audience matches video streaming idea, then the path is clear. However, niche companies need to first make sure that live videos can have an impact on their sales and image.

Ways in Which Video Streaming Can Help Your Business

Live streaming campaigns may just be the ones that place your company on a higher step. However, before deciding to broadcast, you will need to analyze how much are you willing to change your business. Video streaming is the step towards less control and more spontaneity. Let’s say that you have agreed to this. Now you can enjoy some of the below main effects that video streaming has on your brand.

  • You build trust within your buyers. When you speak to them directly, you show them that you care by investing time and effort just for the sake of communication. They are able to see how many others are watching. So it is like you are sharing your little secret.
  • You increase engagement. Users typically react to videos, especially if they contain jokes or spontaneous lines that do not follow a script. So you receive instant feedback.
  • Everything is cost-efficient. Basically for a live broadcast you just need good equipment and a promising background. The others are just accessories that you may use again or not. But these videos save you of the cost of an offline campaign or other types of investment.
  • Product placement has found its home. You cannot control what happens after you end the broadcast. But users can also begin theirs and they might just have your company’s product in their hands or on the background.
  • The focus is on the brand values. Since this is a connection to the buyer, the important aspects now are your brand’s story and unique selling proposition. The better you show it to them, the faster they recognize you.

5 Tips on Using Video Streaming at Its Fullest

1. Build Up a Plan

Video streaming may be spontaneous. But it needs to have a purpose and a target, so that you can monitor its efficiency. Develop a campaign plan for your live videos and offer them a marketing purpose.

Think of what you are showing them and why. So you will be able to take your viewers somewhere, without having to use a script. First of all, you are not using live streaming as direct advertising. You don’t need to show the advantages of your product. But be subtle and remember that this is mostly about your overall brand.

2. Let the Viewers Behind the Scenes

Think of what’s unique in the way your company handles things. Now show them to the viewers. Transparency is important and a spontaneous and raw look in your office or at your team while preparing a project will get your audience closer.

This also means that you will need to pass control over to them and observe. You can even include a Q & A session while you are broadcasting. This is the moment when your brand becomes interactive and you can involve them directly in campaigns.

3. Get More Out of What Your Brand Does

You can look at video streaming as the future of journalism. From this perspective, you can create a unique and powerful concept for each event that your company is involved in or organizes. Imagine having a user to win a contest and make a chronicle of the backstage atmosphere in a live stream. This looks like a win – win situation for the user, the brand and the marketing department.

Focus on spotting each occasion when you can use video streaming as an interactive way to get to the buyers and develop a story around it. The GE #DRONEWEEK on Periscope is an example on a fully-designed event concept.

4. Create a Community

The big advantage is that users interact. They mostly send feedback to you. But the overall purpose of such an investment needs has to be on the long run. So creating a community might just be your target. This will also help you improve the user experience and increase the chances of a new positive feedback given within their network.

You can also succeed this by trying to educate the viewers. Tell them about a charity campaign, or gather them to fight for a cause. This way you can raise awareness on a particular issue and get involved in the community you are creating.

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5. Add Freshness to the Lemonade

Even though video streaming is a bit new and now heavily trendy, you can still find new ways how to use it. Remember that you also have virtual reality and other technology novelties which you can mix. Think of any way in which you can surprise your audience and develop the plan to do it.

Remember that your competitors may also use video streaming and your audience may be enjoying this technology sparkle.

That’s a Wrap!

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat Live Stories, Live Tweets – these are just a few of the platforms that are quietly awaiting for you to use them. If buyers are already broadcasting, then why should your band not get involved? Develop your brand’s unique plan and prepare the scenery.

Did you use live video streaming? What impact did it have? Share your stories with us in the comments section!

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