Did Trump’s Branding Win Him the Presidency?

No matter how angry people are at Trump’s win, his victory signified the importance of a strong brand. Trump ran a campaign that was highly impressive and his personal brand resonated with voters who wanted something different, but still familiar.

Politics and Brand Loyalty are Critical

Politicians become personal brands. When a campaign begins at any level, the politician’s first job is to create their brand identity. This is what voters will know them for and understand them for.

Entrepreneur highlighted how corporate brands correlate with political names. Branding your business is much like branding a candidate for the presidency. For example, Hillary Clinton’s logo was her was to create a brand identity. It was a simple logo, but that logo creates instant recognition for what she believes in.

The image, voice, and personality of Trump was what helped him win the American public.

Trump’s Brand Loyalty Was Strong

When voters were interviewed, they would cite Trump’s successful businesses as a reason they trust him to run the country. They focused on his business and his name, not necessarily the actual facts about his brand or the fact that a lot of his business ventures failed miserably.

He played to the white working class, the upper class, those that were dissatisfied with American politics, and the nostalgic ideal that America could be improved once again. While Trump consistently lied and skirted the truth, he appeared transparent to the people. When he told it as it was, voters could connect with Trump better, regardless of how harsh his comments may be.

Will Trump’s Brand Equity Fail Now That He’s Won?

While Trump’s branding is what helped him win, his brands are in trouble after the election. The win signified that the Trump name has more fans than initially believed, but Trump already sees the damage done to his brand and he has not yet taken office.

The Atlantic points out how some New York residents are now petitioning to remove the Trump name off their apartment buildings. A councilman in Canada is requesting a removal of Trump’s name from the new hotel there, and the Chilean consult is now cutting their ties with the Trump Organization.

Once Trump takes office, his brand is likely to feel the hurt even more. Supporters, not those opposed, could create more damage than good. Right now, the brand has loyalty, but once he takes office and his strategies are used and effectiveness was seen, it is likely the brand will suffer.

Presidents rarely appease the public, and because Trump is likely not to appeal to everyone or please everyone, people will associate his success (or lack thereof) as a president with his brand.

ABC News cited how people will have second thoughts about supporting the Trump brand. If they no longer agree with his position in politics, they may pull support from his clothing line, hotels, and apartments. People may opt for the competition, which drives down the revenue for the Trump Organization.

As of right now, the true hits have not harmed Trump, but some experts believe that by the end of his term, the results may be worse than Trump anticipated.



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