The Hidden Job Market: What It Is, How Do You Access It?

There are plenty of great jobs out there, but not all of them are so easy to find. Getting into the hidden job market might be a tough thing to do, especially if you don’t know where to search for it. However, once you get access to this mysterious network, you might find some really valuable positions that are worth appreciating.

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What is the hidden job market?

Some employers might choose not to post job offers on the traditional platforms. They have various reasons to do this, usually related to all the money spent on advertising and on publishing offers everywhere. Others would rather receive recommendations from their current employees, and thus trust the candidates are suitable.

Therefore, the hidden job market is made up of all those jobs that you cannot find on online platforms or anywhere. The offers are not made public by the employers, but there are still some ways to gain access to this hidden market.

The hidden job market for employers

If you have a job opening and want to find a candidate for it, it takes a lot of time and resources until this happens. If you post the offer on an online platform, it takes a lot of time to create the entire application form, and then sift through dozens of resumes to find the ones that suit your needs.

Therefore, employers often find other methods. Internal hiring is a good method, but it doesn’t always work. Other accurate methods are using the help of a recruiting firm, as well as taking recommendations from their current employees. Apart from the price, there are other advantages for employers.

If you don’t want everybody to know about your new job openings, this is the best way to do it. You can keep your new branch secret until you get all the employees you need. Also, it is about the qualifications of the candidates. Current employees know what you need, and they can offer you more valuable suggestions. If you give them bonuses for recommendations, the better.

The hidden job market for employees

Of course, all employees want to have access to the hidden job market. Here, they might find better quality jobs, or the position they have always been dreaming about. There are a few ways to gain access to the hidden job market, and they are all related to networking and increasing the connection list.

1.      Reconnect with your alumni association

Alumni associations gather graduates in a certain field and offer them all sorts of benefits. By keeping contact with this association, you might get the chance to attend special career events dedicated to people who have graduated a certain university.

In other cases, you get invitations to events that are dedicated to graduates. Here, you can expand your network and make some valuable connections in the industry you are interested in.

2.      Enter a professional association

In such associations, you get to create networks with people working in the same field as you. Here, you can get to meet employers, or people that might tell you about unlisted jobs you might be interested in. Even if you don’t find the jobs you are looking for at first, a professional association brings dozens of advantages. Membership in such associations can be a big plus for your resume.

However, be careful when choosing the associations. Some of them might ask you to pay to maintain a membership. If you are not employed and are doing it strictly for the hidden job market, it might quickly become a tough situation from a financial point of view.

3.      Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for employers and recruiters. If you complete your profile and keep it up-to-date constantly, you’ll have all the chances to attract people to want to connect with you. LinkedIn greatly increases your chances to be messaged by a recruiter that is looking for people for a hidden job.

Also, make sure you join those groups that interest you. There, you might find either people to increase your network, or even offers that are not posted anywhere else.

4.      Do your own research

If you are interested in a certain company, browse their website regularly. They might have a tab called “Careers”, where they advertise some open positions. Be careful, as this might be the only place where they post the offers. Such techniques, as well as taking recommendations from their current employees, often reduce the need of companies to post job openings on other platforms.

5.      Preserve your image in your network

If you are already part of a trustworthy network, you can help others notice you. To secure your position within this network, you can search for valuable articles or sources of information, and send them to the group.

This way, they will know you care about the field, you do your research, and will be convinced they can always count on you. From here to someone who will recommend you in the hidden job market is just a small step.

6.      Do some research even at your own workplace

Maybe you are not disappointed in your employer, and leaving the company you are currently working for might be a really bad idea. However, you still need a chance and think you can no longer continue in your current position. This means it’s time to do a little research within the company.

You might find great job openings in different departments. In this case, you can start exploring the possibility to move, and ask your managers what you need to do in this sense. This way, you can find a position you’ll like more, be more productive, and bring better results for the company.

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Summing up

Entering the hidden job market is no easy task. You need to manage your networks really well, and make sure you have the right connections. If these jobs are not made public by the employers, they might have more sophisticated requirements, or look for trustworthy candidates. Even so, if you know how to promote your skills in front of the right people, you can become a member of this exclusive club.

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