Top 7 Social Media Apps That Help Your Business Thrive

Owning a business these days translates into more technology and a less solid line between your products and the customers’ everyday life. There are dozens of statistics regarding how much time people spend on social media apps daily and marketers are aware of this. The fuss is now online and on smartphones, and everyone seems to find a way to a piece of the cake.

We could not say a specific number of social media apps that are available right now, as there might be a fresh one just releasing as you read these words. However, we all do know that there are ranks, news, updates and all the possibilities we might need to make the most of the social media apps. Business owners now need to be there and have all the means for potential customers to find them. This recipe includes branding, concept, photos and videos, live streams, hashtags, events, contest and much more.

So, while being in all this avalanche of options, statistics, and releases, how can a business owner or marketer figure which is the best media for them to focus on? We have compiled a list of the social media apps that might get you there in 2017. But first, let’s read more!social media apps

Top 7 Social Media Apps That Your Business Should Log Into

Due to the already established popularity of some them, this list will exclude Facebook and Facebook-owned apps, such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and FriendFeed. Below you will find a list of popular and trending free social media apps that you need to have a business account on. They are all available in the Google App Store or Google Play.

7. YouTube

If someone would have made a study on how many internet users know YouTube, then the number has chances of being close to a fascinating 100%. It is the default music video platform in the minds of many customers, even if other similar ones have developed in time. It has around 1,000,000 users and it does not seem to stop here. YouTube is the haven of video branded content that become viral. Among the first of this kind was A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

  • YouTube is the platform and sharing app that allows users to view and upload video content. The videos come from either famous artists/brand, or just anyone that would like to share a video.
  • The content mostly consist of music videos, movie trailers, funny video collages, and tutorials.
  • In a YouTube video, you can use product placement, have monetized adds, create shortcuts to pages, and more. These are possible through your channel.
  • If a video becomes viral, YouTube then marks it as Trending or Popular.
  • YouTube is also a social media app, if you consider the fact that its users are active in comments and discussions quickly create.

6. Forsquare

Forsquare first appeared as the American guide to its own cities. As a user, you were able to find places, and events nearby. It quickly became popular as a location-based app. Now, it features a connected product which turns it into an easy-to-use social media app: Swarm.

  • Swarm provides its users the means to let them know where their friends are located.
  • They can check into a place, then chat with their nearby friends.
  • Users can also plan to meet at a location.

5. Reddit

You may have experimented Reddit and not expect to see this anything-but-user-friendly social media app on our list. But Reddit is now among the most popular networks, and it has around 250,000,000 users.

  • This is one of the social media apps that somehow manage to stay on top. It is a platform that mostly provides content.
  • The content is split into a few categories: New, Rising, Hot, Controversial, Top, Gilded, Wiki, Promoted.
  • Users discuss and vote the content they see posted.
  • Here, you can create networks, post news, and even make videos that become viral.
phone with apps

Beyond all the data and ROI you can measure, there are the users who share their social media discoveries by showing their smartphones to friends.

4. Hootsuite

This application was entirely built for you, as a business marketer. This social media management app is used by marketing and branding experts who praise it for its tools. Therefore, Hootsuite deserves a place on our list.

  • Hootsuite focuses on placing all your business social media accounts in one place.
  • It helps you manage them all by scheduling different and even simultaneous posts.
  • Hootsuite provides the tool to monitor hashtags that you have created.

3. Spotify

We all know that young mobile users are into music. But this application has taken it to the next level.

  • If you could add a soundtrack to your life, then you would use Spotify – and that’s exactly what customers are doing. Spotify allows users to share original video content to listeners worldwide.
  • The app developers have even released the Spotify for Business version, which helps you market your brand and products with through music.
  • It is needless to say how quick a post can become viral.

2. Snapchat

This app has given birth to successful and yet simple photo effects that have traveled around the world. Although they were controversial, due to their simplicity, the Snapchat effects were in trend, and they even led to releases of social media apps that imitated them.

  • Snapchat allows its users to post pictures that are visible for only 24 hours.
  • Some users may have questioned its safety, but the app is still popular especially among Americans.
  • Now, it includes the option to create ads, place products and post success stories.

1. Pinterest

You may have seen it in movies, in music videos, in articles and in the everyday life of Americans who search for ideas on Pinterest. It is so popular that Pinterest marketing is now as fun and visual as an attractive picture with an idea can be.

  • Pinterest is a network of photographs which aim to provide ideas for all fields of everyday life – cooking, design, clothing, music, tattoos and much more.
  • They link to a website which has content like the topic of the pictures.
  • Some of its users don’t even post photos; they just pin them (save them) to their account, in specific albums, for others to see.
  • After seeing them, other users can save a specific pin or subscribe to an album, and see future posts.
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Remember: Your final purpose should be to make your brand/product/hashtag part of the customers’ everyday scrolling ritual.

Talking about Online

If the internet is now part of our lives, then social media apps are their reflection. You can easily promote your brand on any app you prefer. However, being up-to-date with the popular ones might turn your prospects into loyal customers. With this in mind, all you need to do is have a picture-perfect social media strategy, and your brand will shine.

Have you tried these social media apps? What did they bring to your business? Share your thoughts with us and other readers!




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