Recent Site Changes May Impact Facebook Ads

Social media has proven to be a great tool for marketers. With so many eyes on each page and each post daily, sites like Facebook are a prime target for advertisers who want to maximize the amount of reach an ad has.

The site’s advertisements are a big part of its appeal in many aspects of marketing. While standard page ads based on the user’s favorited content are one type of ad, Facebook video ads also play a big role in how effective the site is for promotion. Many video ads deal with recent events or developments, and this can also be influenced by trending topics and popular stories on the site.

The meaning behind all of this is that Facebook ads cost a given amount, but they can also be effective for promotion. However, as the site changes the landscape also changes for advertising. A Facebook ads guide may be effective in helping to plan out a schedule of advertisements, taking into account current trends and selecting ads according to them.

Ideally, this would be a popular strategy for advertisers. But Facebook’s recent update to their trending module may actually change things substantially. Rather than listing a small description alongside a topic, the topic is now listed with the number of individuals talking about it. This small change was brought about shortly after Facebook was accused of displaying a bias.

People who are looking at Facebook advertising may assume that the market is easy to enter into since the site provides information about trending relative topics which can be used to select ads. Forbes reported that additional issues with accusations of “fake news” flooding the site may also present problems for advertisers looking to lock in and make the most out of their ad placements.

Given the fast-paced nature of social media, it is sometimes difficult for marketers to find the best solution for how to advertise on Facebook. And with the site morphing from a social media page to a news site of sorts, it is easy to see how questions about impartiality, legitimacy, and other factors would come into play as it pertains to advertisements.

But the most recent change to advertising on this site may have to do with the site’s decision to leave its current advertising server behind in favor of a new approach to analyzing market trends. Facebook advertisers will have to continue their analysis of the site and how it works.

As social media becomes more focused around blending content creation, curation, and promotion in an unbiased and decentralized manner, it will be more important for those with an interest in promoting on these platforms to learn them.

More guides will likely develop for new best practices as they did for the old ones. Just because advertising on a site like Facebook may be difficult to do without adjusting the approach, it doesn’t mean the effort isn’t worth it.

Advertising on a popular platform like Facebook will still be a very prominent way to promote content in the future.



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