5 Productivity Apps to Help Focus Your Efforts Better

In a global center in which productivity and efficiency are paramount to business success, and overall personal performance, productivity apps have made a major impact on how people and companies manage their tasks and projects. The manner in which people communicate and manage their tasks has undergone a substantial metamorphosis over the last decade, especially when it comes to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

High-end processors, along with 3G, 4G and LTE technology associated with new age tablets and smartphones have made these devices indispensable tools in managing everyday affairs and highly specific projects alike. There are multitudinous productivity apps like to-do lists, calendars, note-taking and cloud storage all help with managing what has become an extremely hectic lifestyle for the vast majority of the world. Following are five of the top productivity apps available to help people focus and leverage their efforts better.

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5 Best Productivity Apps for Your Business

1. Evernote

Evernote is a highly functional workspace that allows users to capture notes, organize them and then present them to others in a highly organized and aesthetically appealing manner. The note-taking capability is quite exceptional, allowing users to capture notes across multiple platforms with relative ease. The app also integrates with desktop browsers for the sake of captures entire web pages, PDF documents and more. In addition to taking notes, Evernote also allows users to upload videos, audio files and images. This is one of the most highly functional productivity apps on the market, offering users excellent formatting and organizational features — placing it among the elite when it comes to note taking apps.

2. Any.d0

Any.d0 is a highly simplistic app that is remarkably feature rich. This one app allows users to perform a number of tasks, including creating notes, to-do lists, events and reminders. This is another app that operates across multiple platforms for the purpose of helping users manage their day more proficiently. Any.do is an app that has won several awards due to its highly intuitive user interface and its innovative features. Due to the simplistic nature of the app, it only takes users a few minutes to organize their entire day.

In addition to offering a Chrome extension, the app can be synced across devices, so that the user will always have up-to-date and accurate information, regardless of the device they are using. The exhaustive features associated with this app can bring a great deal of balance to the life of its users.

3. Fantastical 2

For Apple fans, Fantastical 2 is an iOS-based productivity app that possesses a number of functional features that can help users simplify their lives. When it comes to managing events, this app provides the capacity to produce categorical daily, weekly and monthly events that are supported by scheduled reminders. For the person who is constantly faced with scheduling and keeping up with multiple events throughout the month, Fantastical 2 is one of the premier productivity apps available.

The reminder integration with iOS is virtually seamless. It also provides the capacity to send out Birthday wishes on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The DayTicker feature is a convenient method for viewing the existing schedule on the go — providing a quick view of the daily schedule.

4. Due

There are certain productivity apps that are exclusive to iPhones and iPads, and Due is one of those apps. This app allows users to jot down and set up reminders quickly, and without a hassle. One way that a user can declutter their calendar is by using an exclusive app to help them track tasks, and Due does exactly that. One benefit that Due provides is that it makes modifying existing reminders extremely easy.

If there is any change of plans that can easily be edited in the reminder on the fly — through a one-tap feature. Additionally, the app also provides auto snooze with persistent reminders. Until the task has marked as “completed,” or “rescheduled,” the auto snooze feature will repeated notify the users of the task. One feature that sets this app apart from other productivity apps is its ability to send reminders to colleagues and friends.

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5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a productivity app that has been around for quite a while. In fact, it was this app that birthed the idea of online storage lockers for documents. Dropbox allows you to post images, files, videos and other forms of data — while offering the capacity to access them anywhere and anytime. Not only is the data that is stored in Dropbox safe, but the app also offers an option for safe backup. In addition to the two-step verification process, there is also a 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of the data that is stored online through Dropbox. The default setting for data that is stored on Dropbox is private — requiring that special permission be given for others to view specified information.

Dropbox is an ideal and productivity app for small-sized businesses — providing users with a convenient and secure method for managing data. The fact that it offers seamless collaboration makes it even more appealing to businesses that tend to operate remotely.

6. Business Calendar Pro

When it comes to calendar apps, Business Calendar Pro really stands out, with its amazing task integration and customization features, making it incredibly easy to manage events. When the need arises to move, manipulate or delete multiple events, the multi-select features allows users to do this simultaneously. The multi-select features can be activated in both, day view and agenda modes. The drag and drop feature allows users to drag and drop events into to date and time slots — providing a very simple and easy way to reschedule events on the fly.

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As life becomes increasingly hectic, the need to simply the process, and perform at a higher level of proficiency, makes the use of productivity apps virtually mandatory. It is simple; the more organized a person is, the productivity they will be. Productivity apps make it easy for people to organize their business schedules in a manner that will be most productive and beneficial to them.



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