Online Marketing Trends – 2017

Marketing trends come and go each year, and for 2017, Internet marketing will see significant changes. For starters, Content Marketing Institute has released their predictions for 2017, but also focused in on the big errors for online marketing in 2016 that must be corrected in the New Year.

2016 Saw an Increase in Real Content Marketing

The days of robotic posting and spinning articles ended long ago. In fact, affiliate marketing in 2016 relied heavily on the use of real content, including high-quality blogs, articles, white papers, and active engagement on social media.

One error noted in all of this was that companies are still too focused on their campaign and talking about themselves.  Instead, they should be creating value outside of just products and services; and offer value that comes with the brand itself.

More Augmented Reality for Web Marketing

Forbes believes that the success of Pokémon Go has paved the way for the rise of augmented reality. Marketers will start practicing with AR marketing, such as using AR advertisements and apps to capitalize on the technology that people already love from Pokémon Go and similar apps.

Marketing Online will be More Customer-Focused

SmartInsights believes that marketing in 2017 will be more consumer-centric. People will focus more on the behavior ad characteristics of their target audience to create advertisements that speak to them more effectively. Also, the short-term fads and trends are likely to disappear in 2017, paving the way for new fads and equally new marketing techniques.

Live Video Streams

Another prediction for marketing in 2017 is the use of live video streaming. Social media users are utilizing it more and demanding it more from their favorite brands. Users like the idea of in-the-moment look into a brand, and they feel that they connect better with a product or service when they can experience it.

Now that the internet speeds are catching up with consumer desires, the idea of using live video streams to market to consumers is no longer a wish; it is a reality. In fact, this was the year where the first Presidential debate was streamed live, which means marketers have no excuse for not advertising live from here on out.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for some time, but over the last few months of 2016 it took off. It is all about executing a strategy that works, says Content Marketing Institute. The problem, however, is companies tend to ignore the properties of influencer marketing and don’t pick the right brands to partner with for their substantial boost in credibility.

Purpose-Driven Marketing

The last trend that is likely to take off in 2017 is that of purpose-driven marketing. People should know the why, who, what, and how for every product and service they are presented. Companies should have a direct purpose with every marketing campaign they launch, and that purpose should resonate in the advertisement released to the public.



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