Mass Marketing Definition and How to Fit the World in Your Plan

Marketing has been the soul of business since forever. What changed throughout decades is the way in which business owners spread the word about their product or service. Today we are going to focus on a type of marketing that proved to be very successful, namely mass marketing. Let’s see a definition and ways in which you can use this for your own business.

Mass Marketing Definition

Also called undifferentiated marketing, mass marketing represents a technique of appealing to the entire market with just one strategy. It relies on mass distribution and mass media. The traditional means of advertising were represented by newspapers, radios, and TVs, with the Internet making it easier to differentiate between different customer categories. The idea here is to reach the highest number of people you can, thus boosting the sales.

It opposes niche marketing, which targets a specific segment of the market. The mass type relies on high sales and low prices, aiming to offer a product or a service that appeals to everyone.

Here you have a clip explaining the concept in more detail and showing its evolution:

Mass Marketing Ideas

In case this type of marketing appeals to you, we put together a selection of some ideas that work for mass marketing.

1. Shotgun Approach

The shotgun approach aims to do exactly what mass marketing says: reach as many people as you can. It involves placing ads everywhere: from primetime TV to radio or newspapers. Along with the Internet boom, ads are being placed on as many websites as possible. The ad is a general one, not targeting any segment. However, the risk here is that the receiver of the message may interpret the ad as they wish. And since people are so different, the results may not look like what you were counting on.

2. Guerilla Marketing

Another strategy when it comes to mass marketing is the guerilla one. This aims to use a shocking, unique, or memorable manner to attract the audience’s attention. The point here is that it’s easier to get more audience in that way when you have a huge competition. Usually, small- and medium-sized companies resort to this technique, but it is widely used by large companies as well.

3. Publishing Great Content

Whether you have a target audience or not, it’s essential to publish great content. Luckily, there are plenty of sources of inspiration on the Internet if you’re feeling out of ideas. You can start writing your own articles if you don’t want to invest too much. Moreover, the best topics for mass marketing are general ones, such as tip collections, top 10 lists, etc. Remember to include some interactive elements as well.

4. Create Videos

One of the most successful ways to attract an audience in the recent years is creating interesting videos. Indeed, you will need to invest some money if you want to have some professional YouTube videos made. However, there are other options as well: learning how to shoot videos yourself, hiring a student, etc. The videos can be simple, whether you decide to make a video blog about what’s going on the company or start a series where you explain important concepts in the industry.

5. Ad Promo Credits

If you represent a small business that wants to get into mass marketing, most likely you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare on massive ad campaigns. Luckily, there are various discounts and coupons you can find online. With them, you can get Facebook or Google paid ads. They can help you reach as many customers as you need. There are even some web hosting services that can help you with advertising discount codes.

6. Social Networks

We couldn’t make a list of mass marketing tips without including social networks. They are the essence of online marketing nowadays, so you should present on as many networks as you can. Though they are mostly used for targeted ads, you can skip that step with some of them. Facebook, for example, relies only on paid advertising that requires you to target people. However, there are alternatives where you can avoid that.

7. Infographics

Infographics are the key to a good advertising. By making them about general topics, you can fit the entire world in your advertising plan. For example, many people are interested in statistics regarding the Internet. Try to create some new ones instead of reusing old infographics. Your followers will appreciate it much more. You can hire a designer to help you out with that, or you can use some free vector kits to craft them yourself.

8. Be Relevant

Always ask yourself why would people want to test your product or service. The paradox with mass marketing is that although it seems easier not to limit yourself to a target audience, in fact, it’s harder to find common grounds to attract everybody. That’s why you should always remember to stay relevant for your industry. Look for studies, new discoveries, information and competitions in your field and let people know about them. Slowly, you will see that you’ll create a fan base with people who are genuinely interested in your company.

9. Have a Customer Referral Program

This is one of the techniques you can use when implementing mass marketing. A customer referral program ensures you people will spread the word about your company. Offer them a free month of service, free products or some other rewards they receive for inviting new customers.

10. Contests and Prizes

Perhaps the easiest way to attract all kinds of people is to host a contest and offer a prize. It doesn’t even have to be a big prize. Most companies rely on offering a mug, a T-shirt, a ticket to a concert, etc. If you host it on Facebook, you can ask people to like and share your page for a chance to win the prize. Otherwise, you can simply draw a winner from the list of friends or the people who commented on a post.

To draw a conclusion, mass marketing aims to reach an audience as large as possible, regardless of its segmentation. Though it may seem easy to make ads without having a certain audience in mind, it’s hard to come up with something that’s interesting for everybody. Use the suggestions above to implement this technique for your own business.

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