Marketing Technologists: Who They Are and What They Do

Imagine a professional bridge between the IT and marketing departments. At a quick look, this would mean that the technical and creative sides of making your company visible have just shook hands. And so it is, with the help of martech or marketing technologist.

Today’s business world aims to be more and more attractive to the buyer. Visual and wording are two aspects which are almost in constant change in marketing. Technology is rapidly evolving while the regular marketer cannot keep up. Consequently, the need for an even more specialized marketer began to grow.

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So the birth and success of the marketing technologist were almost unavoidable. Forbes has predicted the rise of the importance of technology for marketers back in 2013. It was three years later that the marketing technologist function actually grew by 16%, as a study shows. But let’s read more!

What Is the Marketing Technologist?

The marketing technologist is a necessary member of your company. His main duty is to have savvy knowledge of both technology and consumer experience. These two now work together, so the marketing technologist handles buyer behavior changes and know the software do reach them. This knowledge does not have to be theoretical. But the marketing technologist needs to be aware of all updates that appear and what they can offer.

The computer-based aspect brings more in-depth information to the target audience and is an efficient way to develop solutions for each demand. Let’s take a short example. If you have an online store, you will need the martech to show you how your buyers prefer to see and enjoy their products. This way you will be able to deliver them as such and ease the connection to the audience. By knowing both their preferences and what can ease their search, you can adjust and optimize your product and the channel to offer it. Or, in other words, you empower conversion.

Who Needs a Marketing Technologist?

The answer to this question is apparently simple: mostly everyone. Regardless of the niche of your company. If your activity depends on conversion, then the marketing technologist is a useful resource. According to the above study, 97% of the companies are addressing digital even indirectly. These companies will need a marketing technologist to decode the available options for their buyers.

There are now over 1,000 specialized software providers worldwide and their offerings target all branches of marketing. The marketing technologist is a useful help to the Chief Marketing Officer. So usually he reports to the CMO.

Ways in Which the Marketing Technologist Can Help Your Business?

The martech is your tool to increase the conversion rate and build a stronger bond with your buyers. However, the marketing technologist will help your business in plenty of ways. Here are just a few of them.

  • Optimizes your platforms: The martech will analyse and then configure your publishing systems, project management and workflow tools.
  • Optimizes service providers: This is so that your website will benefit from the latest professional services available on the market.
  • Suggests using specific tools: You will discover content marketing or writing tools which are more suitable for your business or profile.
  • Increases efficiency through marketing platforms: The martech will use specific platforms to make sure that everything works properly.

5 Tips to Find the Best Marketing Technologist for You

The marketing technologist may represent the future of promoting a business successfully. But before enjoying the benefits of having one work for you, there is a major step to take. This is finding the right martech who can boost the business. Below you will find the basic skills that a marketing technologist needs to have.

1. Tech Abilities at All Times

The marketing technologist must know by default how to have tech on his side. He needs to know how to handle each tool that might help you in all fields.

You may need detailed information from Google Analytics or Facebook Insights. The martech needs to know how to decipher the numbers and turn them into useful information.

2. Digital Literacy

For a marketing technologist, knowledge in one field is not enough. The martech must know how to practically handle all the devices you might need for promoting your business. He needs to be fully aware of what smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets can do.

The martech is connected and also privately taking advantage of the full potential of these devices for all communication types.

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3. The Background in Marketing

Most martechs have a background or studies in marketing. This is helping them to compensate their technology abilities and have knowledge in fully promoting a business. You cannot be a marketer without being aware of the theoretical ways to do so and having used them before.

Experience is necessary when engaging in such a challenge. Therefore, the marketing background is the creative part of how to get there.

4. Data Analytics and Interpretation


The marketing technologist works on a daily or weekly basis with analytics tools. They need to know how to reach each information that they need, whether is the best time to post, the age and location of the target who reacted or the preferences of your public.

These tools have the complexity of showing the information while encouraging you to search for it if you need further details. This is why such a skill plays a major part in the job of a martech.

5. Prediction Abilities

The martech focuses on the past, present and future. At first, he takes note of what the public responded to and how. Then, he develops a plan to attract and engage the public. Meanwhile, he also checks what new tools appear and updates to old ones, and what is trending on the market.

So he needs to be able to also take a look at the future, so that he can keep your place among the companies that use the latest products available on the market. This will also help your products to be promoted so that they can surprise at all times.

Wrapping It Up

The marketing technologist is a complex staff member who uses both his left and right side of the brain when working. He is both technical and creative. But as difficult as this may sound, he becomes a necessity. And your company needs such a staff member to be always updated and grow.

Do you have a marketing technologist working for your company? Share your thoughts on this with us in the comments section below!

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