What Does a Marketing Manager Do, Anyway?

Marketing is not a one-person job. In fact, the most successful brands out there have multiple individuals working for the department. The most important role, however, is that of marketing management. These individuals are what guide the rest of the crew and potentially determine the success of the company.

What Exactly Does a Marketing Manager Do?

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A product marketing manager takes on many duties, but their goal is to create and execute a long and short-term marketing solution that drives sales. They must interact with multiple departments, per Chron.com.

Just some tasks that a marketing manager must handle directly include:

  • Brand Development: This is one of the most essential duties of the manager. They must develop their company’s brand, help create an effective logo, and sometimes establish sounds and visuals that create recognition for that brand. The goal is to ensure that if someone sees a product, packaging or logo, they instantly know the brand. This creates brand loyalty, recognition, and trust.
  • Intelligence About the Competition: Part of marketing information management is understanding the competitors in the marketplace. A manager must know what works for them, use surveys to see why some consumers prefer opponents instead of their own brand and assess the overall state of the economy.
  • Public Relations: A marketing manager often helps with public relations. In other times, they are the PR representative for the company. They could grant interviews, help promote new products, speak at exhibitions and seminars, hold press conferences, and work with other public relation professionals to promote their company and brand ideals.

How Digital Marketing Management Works

Today, marketing professionals typically work in digital marketing. This is an umbrella term, according to Wikipedia, that covers all types of marketing for products and services digitally. Usually, it involves operating on the internet, but some do displays, mobile phone marketing, and other technological mediums.

Some common forms of digital marketing include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, and social media marketing also fall under the digital marketing realm.

Per Marketing Land, there are various digital marketing firms out there today. Surprisingly, most businesses are not using them.

SEO is one of the biggest factors in digital marketing success, and yet companies are still overlooking the importance of being recognized by search engines. Also, companies are ignoring the importance of content marketing, says Marketing Land. They are forgoing the opportunity to speak to the buyer’s persona, create an excellent review, or utilize storytelling. Lastly, the researchers found that companies are not harnessing the power of social media marketing. They are not using emails, creating social media profiles, or tagging and optimize their social media pages so that they are searchable through Google as well as the social media platform’s in-house search engine.

While marketing trends come and go, it is the sole job of the manager to keep up with those trends and tailor them to suit the needs of their brand for success.

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