10 Simple and Easy Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Businesses should give more attention to their employees, as they are the ones that keep them going. By tending the needs of the employees, their productivity will definitely grow. Also, a better management of the workplace should help employers give that energy boost to the employees. With the help of certain tricks, they can surely increase productivity at work.

1.      Manage the tasks accordingly

Make a thorough analysis of your business and how it works, and see if there are any weak points. If yes, be flexible about changing anything. If there’s something that keeps your employees from reaching their full potential, don’t hesitate to change it.

Working employee being productive

First of all, make a list of everything that needs to be done, and see what’s urgent. Then, encourage your employees to come with suggestions. If they have a better solution which helps them increase productivity at work, be open about it. Also, give them daily tasks which ensure they stay focused as much time as possible.

2.      Measure the time spent on tasks

Ask your employees to make an estimate on the time they spend on each individual task. Then, see if you can do something to reduce it. Advise them to concentrate as much as possible on the actual task rather than on other distracting activities. At the end of the day, if they solve the tasks more quickly, they earn more time they can dedicate to revising or planning tomorrow’s day of work.

3.      Let the employees manage their own workflow

Some people are more productive in the morning, while others become more active as the evening is approaching. Therefore, it’s a good idea not to stop them from doing their best when they can. Instead of asking them to stick to a strict workflow, you should let them to the task as they like as long as they’re done in time.

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4.      Let the employees take regular breaks

One secret to increase productivity at work is to keep the employees well-rested. They cannot achieve their full potential if they reach burnout, so breaks are extremely healthy. One option would be to establish a schedule for breaks, to make sure everybody takes them. However, not all employees work in the same way, so it would be better to allow them to take breaks whenever they need it.

5.      Reduce distractions

Productivity can immediately reach low levels if employees have distractions around them. These can be anything, from social media, mobile phones, to colleagues who talk a lot. Forcing them to stop using their phones would be a little too constraining, although you can suggest to them to put them away.

Instead, you should give them enough opportunities to rest. This way, they can stay focused on their tasks when they have to work, knowing they can relax by doing whatever they want when they have a break.

Employees in an office

6.      Offer the employees good equipment

An important factor which can increase productivity at work is the quality of the equipment. If it takes a lot of time for the employees to perform a simple task, then they will automatically have less desire to work. Also, changing the equipment for a better one does not only improve their productivity. It is also a matter of respect towards the employee, and can greatly increase the reputation of your company.

7.      Make sure you offer all the necessary working conditions

No one can work in a place that is either freezing cold or scorching hot. Equip the office or working place both with air conditioning and heaters, and offer the optimal temperature in every season. This way, they won’t have anything to disrupt them or to cause them extreme discomfort while working.

8.      Do not promote multitasking

Although it sounds like a great idea, multitasking actually doesn’t increase productivity at work. Instead of focusing on one task and doing it well, multitasking affects concentration and is tiring. People who try to do more things at once or switch from one task to another suffer more mental blocks and put too much strain on their brain. Therefore, don’t overcrowd your employees with multiple tasks.

9.      Encourage your employees and keep them happy

Anyone has a hard time working in a stressful environment, so try to make everything easier for your employees. Whenever they do a good job, let them know that. Apart from congratulations, you can show them you appreciate them by giving some special ‘encouragements’, like more days off or some extra money.

These ‘prizes’ can work wonders, as they motivate both the one that receives them and the other employees. Also, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on them when there’s something new to do. A relaxed atmosphere will encourage them to try their best.

10. Change your regular meetings

Meetings are some of the most unproductive activities at the workplace. Regular employees usually spend about 31 hours per month attending often unnecessary meetings, when they could have been doing something else.

Unfortunately, you can’t always give up meetings, especially when there’s something important to discuss. However, there is a solution to avoid wasting time and talk only about what is important. First of all, see if what you need to tell your employees cannot be shared via email or phone. Even holding an online meeting is better, as it doesn’t affect productivity that much.

Employee meeting at a tea

If there’s no other way, you can still opt for a standing meeting. This means that everybody is standing up while talking. By doing this, all employees are encouraged to participate to the discussion. Also, everybody is spending less time discussing unimportant matters, so the meeting should end more quickly.


To increase productivity at work, you should think first about the well-being of your employees. They are more likely to enjoy coming to work and try their best to solve their tasks if the environment is friendly and healthy. Therefore, before thinking about the success of your company, make sure the employees are happy. If you take care of this, then everything should work perfectly fine.

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