How to Make Money on YouTube: Ads Aren’t the Only Way

There is a way to make money on YouTube that everyone has heard of: placing links to ads on video content. If a YouTuber gets enough views, they can make a fair amount of money through ad clicks alone. However, in order to truly earn these gains, the views have to total in the millions per video, according to Entrepreneur.

The question is, how is this done? How do you make money on YouTube through ad clicks? How does it work? As Business Zone explains, one program can help you append ads to your video content in any way you choose. Clickable images, links, banners, videos within videos, and other methods are ways to attract viewers to click on these dynamic ads, and you get paid.

Business Zone lists Google AdSense as its most recommended program for this endeavor. This free service lets you post related ads on your video content in the above ways. The key phrase here is “related ads,” as AdSense does the work of finding relevant ad content that will suit your demographic, your niche audience, and your own subject matter. This makes it more likely that the audience viewing your content will actually pay attention to the ads, let alone click on them.

Why Ads Aren’t for Everyone

Of course, clickable ads have become rather commonplace in the world of monetizing YouTube content, according to Entrepreneur. But how much money do YouTubers make this way? Entrepreneur says about a few thousand dollars per one million views. Those who aren’t getting views aren’t getting paid.

As such, people need to think a bit outside the box when they think about making money on YouTube, especially if their views are nowhere near the millions. Entrepreneur lists several good, alternative ways to make some cash through YouTube, which is the second most-used search engine. To give that statement some scope, think about this: it only trails behind Google, which is naturally number one.

Alternatives to Clickable YouTube Ads

One alternative to ads is to produce videos with the aim of selling a product or good (whether they’re products you create, or products where you get a cut of the profit). Produce lively video content that people want to watch, which is also conveniently geared toward the products you sell or the niche your business occupies. Funnel the traffic from videos towards product pages, and, hopefully, make some extra sales.

Another alternative method is to try to seek out sponsorships. Find a company whose products or services fit in with your content, and offer to feature them in your videos for a fee. Depending on your audience and its size, plenty of small businesses and growing companies may be eager to get in on an opportunity for wider exposure. Sponsorships end up being mutually beneficial relationships in this sense.

Overall, the amount of money you can make on YouTube depends on a lot of different factors: the quality of your content, the size of your audience and its potential for growth, how those numbers translate into views, and how dedicated you are to being creative when it comes to thinking outside the box for money-making using YouTube.

So, how much money can you make on YouTube? Turns out, it’s up to you.



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