7 Cross Selling Tips Effective for Every Business Niche

Cross selling means suggesting the customers to purchase some additional products after they have already decided on something to buy. This is an art, as it depends both on the seller’s abilities to persuade and on marketing tactics. However, you can easily succeed in this task by following a few cross selling tips.

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What is cross selling?

It’s not really necessary to explain why cross selling can benefit a business. Every additional purchase counts, and it gets an easy chance to increase the revenue rapidly. Also, cross selling can benefit the customer as well.

If you know the customers’ needs very well, you can recommend an additional product that would really be a good investment. You can suggest a new purchase that would really complete the experience of the customer. However, you have to be careful. Avoid scams, and recommend only high-quality products. This way, the customer will be happy, and your business can go on without any bad reviews.

Advantages of cross selling

First of all, cross selling is a technique that benefits both the seller and the buyer. The buyer gets the chance to find some more products which can actually be useful. Also, as long as they are of good quality, their experience stays on top. This happens while sellers get some extra money, but these are not the only advantages.

Substantial source of profit

The additional product you advertise to a customer might not be that expensive. In fact, it’s advisable not to increase its price too much, so you can make people buy it. However, if you bundle plenty of these products together, you get a remarkable amount of money in the end. In fact, many retailers admitted they got substantial revenue from cross selling.

Reputation improvement

If customers find the cross sold products useful, they can improve their trust in your business. This way, you know you have secured a long-term fanbase. Having happy customers means they are more likely to recommend your services, so you might also gain some more people who want to buy from you.

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Cross selling tips

For every marketing strategy to work, it’s necessary to do it right. There are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on cross selling offers.

1.      Get to know your customer

As mentioned so many times above, it’s vital to offer the customers something that they need. Therefore, make sure you know what categories of people often buy products from you. Based on the products they buy, you can make recommendations suitable for each group.

2.      Only select something relevant as the object of cross selling

Do not engage in this technique just for the love of some extra profit. People can tell when they are offered something just for the sake of it, and would not appreciate it. First of all, when offered something useless, they are less likely to buy it. If this happens, then your chances to increase your revenue are slim.

If the product you offer is still appealing, but actually useless, you will get the customers confused. The action might result in their purchase, but this is still not at your benefit. If they take to analyze what they’ve done, they will discover they didn’t actually need the product. As a result, they might frown upon your cross selling techniques.

3.      Be careful to how you formulate your offers

Cross selling means recommending, and not forcing. Therefore, do not make your customers feel forced to purchase the products. If you shape your offer like an advice, customers are more likely to buy. This is easy to do on an online platform, where you can link similar products on pages.

For instance, you can include them under the title ‘People also enjoyed…’ or ‘People also bought’. Also, you can simply recommend customers products they might want or need. In the end, if there are few products left in a category, they might get motivated and hurry.

4.      Do not overwhelm the customers

Whenever you make additional offers, do not present too many products. Customers can easily scared and confused if, after clicking on the tab, they find a huge number of related products. In the end, they might end up buying nothing, so it’s better to include only one or two cross selling offers.

5.      Do not promote expensive products

Cross selling is an attempt to a higher revenue, but do not recommend costly items. When they start shopping, people have a clear sum of money they want to spend. They might exceed it, but they are still not willing to spend a huge sum of money. Therefore, the promotions should contain either cheaper products or offers that are only 25 percent more expensive than the initial product.

6.      Combine cross selling with other profitable offers

Cross selling is a great marketing opportunity, so you can take advantage of it and make more offers. To motivate people to buy more, you can offer them special discounts, free shipping, or promotional codes they can use on other purchases.

7.      Make bundles

By gathering products into bundles, you make it more likely for people to buy more. Of course, each individual product can be available for purchase alone, but also offer a bundle of all items in a set. This way, people can be easily tempted to buy the entire set, which is at everybody’s benefit.

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Cross selling is an effective way to convince people to buy more products from you. By offering them high-quality recommendations, you have more chances to increase your revenue without much effort. Also, if you fulfill their needs, they are more likely to be happy with your service. This way, everyone is happy, and they are more likely to recommend your products to their friends.

Cross selling is not about cheating your customers into buying something, but convincing them it’s better if they do so. For every business, the customer is the most important, so your interest is also their interest. By keeping everything fair play and looking after the customer’s needs, everyone should be satisfied in the end.

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