8 Best Employee Perks to Look Out for or Offer Yourself

The most important thing for a company should be its employees. While some of them might concentrate more on customers or profit, they should understand they can take care of these only if their employees are happy. For this, they should be able to offer them some benefits and convince them to stay. Here are some of the best employee perks that people appreciate a lot at the companies they work for.

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Why are employee perks important?

Some employers think that offering an employee a good salary should keep them happy and engage in their work. However, this isn’t enough to keep someone from leaving the company. This is why employers should think about something else apart from material gains to give to their employees.

These perks can have a great value for the employees. If they are thinking about leaving a company, they might take these things into account more than the payment. Let’s say they are quite happy with the salary they receive, but have seen that other people get more benefits from their company. This can be enough to convince them to leave their job.

Best employee perks

Here are some of the best employee perks that keep people engaged in their job and happy about their workplace. However, you need to keep in mind some things before reading the list. Some of these perks might not be applicable for all organizations. Some of them might require too many resources, and might not prove viable. However, others can bring huge benefits for the employees.

1.      Health insurance

This is one of the essential employee perks you could find. Anyone would like to have some benefits in case they suffer some unpleasant situations. Fortunately, most companies offer this to their employees. The lack of health insurance would definitely count for people when looking for jobs where to apply.

This perk is one of the basic thing that companies should offer to their employees. If you find one that doesn’t include it in its benefits, it would be better if you kept looking. This perk is directly related with another one that employees seem to be particularly fond of.

2.      Paid sick days

Companies usually allow their employees to take sick days whenever they need. However, some of them do not pay them for this days just like do for regular working days. Offering paid sick days might attract the attention of employees. Therefore, if you stumble upon a company that pays you while you are taking a sick leave, it means it’s worth keeping.

3.      Unlimited paid time off

This is a perk you don’t see everywhere, as some companies might not afford it. Others might say it’s not really a productive strategy, as employees might tend to take a huge number of days off without actually doing their job. However, this recipe seems to work for those that have adopted it.

Unlimited paid time off is a matter of trust. If you, as an employee, do your job, the company will trust you to give you how many days off you like. Also, showing the employer do this might work as a good motivation tool.

4.      Bonuses

This is one of the best employee perks, as it can really motivate them to work hard. It’s good to know that results are being appreciated, and it’s no better way to show it than through performance bonuses. If you do an admirable job, some companies can thank you via some extra money at the end of the month.

Others might adopt some other strategies as well. For instance, let’s say a company reaches a great profit at the end of a quarter or of a year. In this case, it can choose to share some of this profit with the employees as a bonus. This is great to keep them engaged and willing to do their job.

5.      Extra maternity/paternity leave

The law obliges companies to give their employees some time off when they have a baby. However, a great token of appreciation is when the company offers to give you more than those legal days off. This shows the company cares about the time you get to spend with your family, and understands that children are the most important thing.

6.      More free days on the holidays

This is the employees’ favorite perk. Everyone needs more days off during the winter holidays, as it’s a busy and tiring period. In fact, employees are not really productive around Christmas if they have to go to work. Being able to stay home between this holiday and New Year’s Eve comes as a blessing, and is a great chance to recharge your batteries.

7.      Gym and health-related discounts

Sometimes, a health insurance might not be enough. If you want something to keep you healthy, not only to take care of you when you’re sick, look out for health and gym discounts. Some companies strike up some deals with some medical institutions, as well as gyms, and offer their employees discounts. This means you’ll be able to stay fit and get all the treatments you need for a smaller price.

8.      Perks at the office

You can have all sorts of benefits if the atmosphere at the office is not pleasant. You might want a nice place to work, with nice relaxation and entertainment rooms, fridges full of refreshments, and a nice place to eat. You get more productive if you take some breaks and have a healthy meal. Look for these things whenever searching for companies, as these are the perks you will appreciate the most.

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Summing up

Companies should be interested in offering the best employee perks. If they have plenty of benefits, employees are more likely to become more productive and do a great job. It boosts their morale, and convince them the company is worth working for.

As an employee, it’s important to look for the businesses with the best perks. There, you will find happy colleagues that are more relaxed and create a more pleasant working environment. This way, you’ll benefit both from the perks and from a nice atmosphere at the office.

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