Your Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics: How to Use It for Perfectly Targeted Ads

Twitter Analytics is something that many people neglect to try for their business. Twitter Analytics can help you target ads properly without losing customers. When you hear how people are feeling, you will profit from their prejudices.
Twitter Analytics is your lifeblood if your business heavily depends on the whims of the market. Businesses like chocolate, flowers, newspapers, or politics all require using Twitter Analytics to gauge how people are actually feeling. Pollsters in the United States Presidential election got it wrong because they were not reading properly how people were feeling.

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What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is something that Twitter offers to paying customers who want to use the company’s social network for advertising. Twitter collects data on the feelings and opinions of its patrons. Knowing how people on the web are feeling can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sell. One writer says that the Native Twitter Analytics tool is accessible for all users, which should be useful if you do not want to pay.
A Tweeps Map built into Twitter lets you see who is talking about what. If you have competitors, knowing what they are telling their people can help you poach followers who are discontented with their message. Twitter has done a good job of collecting the sound bites that people utter during the day. You can use the agglomerated chit chat to gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

Who Uses Twitter Analytics?

The people who most frequently use Twitter Analytics are paying advertising companies. Politicians can particularly benefit from the service, because it shows them what the biases of their followers are. Donald Trump may have heavily benefited from using his Twitter account to analyze his market, without the help of the so-called “experts” in mainstream media. The liberals were surprised at his Presidential election, but Trump probably owes a lot of his victory to careful usage of Twitter Analytics.

 Seeing the actual beliefs of the market (rather than your own judgment of the market) works wonders during the big marketing blitz or political campaign. Join the pros, and use Twitter Analytics to capture your market. You will not be disappointed. Twitter has been in business over the past decade helping people know how their friends are really feeling. You too can join the masses in properly capturing what is going on.

Ways in Which Twitter Analytics Can Help Your Business

Twitter Analytics can help your business by removing uncertainty about your customers and followers. Many in business struggle from a “build it, and they will come” mindset. This is why they lose whenever a new competitor jumps on the scene. Innovation requires knowing what your people actually want, not what you want them to want. Twitter Analytics takes the guess work out of your sales.

 If you are in a tight political campaign, Twitter Analytics can tell you who is mad at who, who likes what, and how you can change your next speech to make the masses adore your campaign. A clever politician adopts his message to fit his audience. A foolish politician attempts to change his audience to fit his message. Though being a chameleon is not for the faint of heart, it is politics and marketing of today.

3 Tips for Twitter Analytics

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1. Do Not Copy Your Competitors

If you copy your competitors in using Twitter Analytics, you will fail to find a market. Instead, examine what your competitors are doing, then try to take a different approach. This will most likely differentiate you from all the rest and grow your business.

 Twitter hashtag analytics lets you capture the words, but you must learn how to use them properly. Avoid stepping on the toes of those who are most likely to buy your product. Step on the toes of those who will not buy your product. Trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

2. Do Painful Things for Your Company

Twitter Analytics just gives you the data. It is up to you to decide how to use it. A lot of people look at data in a practical and skeptical way. They are hesitant to take risks to increase revenue. You have to suffer as a company if you want to succeed. No one ever succeeded by refusing to fail. Learn from mistakes in your history. Free Twitter analytics can give you the tools to succeed. Expect some pain in the process.

3. Do Not Expect Twitter to Do Everything for You

In our day and age of lawsuits, it is so easy to blame others for something we should have done ourselves. Twitter analytics tools will just give you information. You must decide how to act on it. Some people meaninglessly gather data, and never act on it. Make sure that you have a clear goal in mind as you begin your company. People who can differentiate their message capture the market.

It is up to you if Twitter Analytics will work. Making yourself unique from your market will put you in the position of leadership that most people only dream of. There is a common human tendency to copy success, rather than become successful. Imitation is a pervasive disease that leaves everyone grabbing for the shrinking pie. The key is to use Twitter Analytics to bake your own pie. Separate yourself from the herd to avoid falling over the cliff.

We would love to hear additional questions or comments that you might have about this subject. Some experienced marketers might have differing views from ours, and we want you to feel free to post them. It is true that marketing is not easy. Having good products and making the masses hungry for them is the challenge.




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