5 Team Building Exercises to Strengthen the Bonds Between Co-workers

Team unity and camaraderie are extremely important components of a healthy and productive workforce. In fact, a recent study found that having close friendships at work can boost employee happiness by up to 50 percent. In today’s competitive job market, organizations can’t fail to overlook this important piece of the puzzle.

As a business owner, leader, or manager you’ll want to find ways to create more bonding opportunities with your crew. There are a myriad of team building exercises and ideas on the market. You’ll just need to put in the time and effort to create enthusiasm around the concept. In this article you’ll learn what’s considered team building, who can create these opportunities, ways team building exercises can help your business, and a few fresh ideas for implementing this tactic.

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What Is Team Building?

Team Building is a term used to describe activities that are designed to enhance social relations and more clearly define team roles. Team building exercises typically involve some sort of collaborative activity and work to improve efficiency and communication within the group. The theory is that employees will be able to take the lessons learned and apply them to their daily tasks and workflow.

Who Uses Team Building?

Team building can be applied in a variety of circumstances and within a wide range of group settings. The need for a more formal team building exercise is often recognized by a manager or leader in the human capital side of the business. This person will generally take the reigns and facilitate a productive outing, however team building doesn’t have to be so formal. Any member or leader in the group might recognize the need for more camaraderie and organize a fun and less structured event. Team building might directly focus on a specific group, but the impact stretches far beyond. The entire organization will feel the effects of increased efficiency and productivity.

How Does Team Building Impact My Business?

Team building offers a wealth of positive benefits for your organization and your employees.Team building has been proven to have a direct impact on organizational productivity. For one, most team building exercises bring out untapped potential in each team member. Many team members are unable to use their skills to the fullest until put into a new environment where these skills can be unleashed. Team members learn something new about their colleagues in these situations and can learn how to utilize the strength’s of others to accomplish a common goal. Communication is improved, diversity is celebrated, and the organization is able to reap the benefits of this improved process and collaboration.

In addition, team building provides colleagues the opportunity to engage with one another outside of work walls. This fresh perspective creates a new dynamic and offers employees the chance to learn from each other in a less formal setting.

What Are Some Popular Team Building Ideas?

There are a ton of opportunities for team building exercises. Your organization will want to choose an option that fits with your culture and values. This can range anywhere from a formal corporate training event to a more casual group outing. Either way, here are some unique ideas for your next bonding activity:

1. Participate in a High Ropes Course

If you have an adventurous group, consider doing a high ropes course activity. Many cities have a ropes course designed specifically for corporate team building exercises and events. They’ll generally involve a facilitator who can assist with the process and assure everyone completes the course in a safe manner. This option is unique and valuable because many team members will be forced to face their fears. It’s an opportunity for your staff to offer encouragement to one another and further develop their leadership skills.

2. Visit an Escape Room

These fun venues are growing in popularity across the globe. Escape rooms are designed specifically for facilitating teamwork and communication. Your staff will need to work as a team to figure out a series of clues and break out of a locked room. This might create anxiety for some employees, but it offers another opportunity for your staff to learn ways to help each other through a problem.

3. Volunteer Together

Volunteering is a great way to draw new connections and create a sense of purpose within your group. As a leader or manger, allow your team to provide some input on where to serve. Your team will find joy in giving back to the community and the outing might help soften any rivalries or contentions.

4. Design a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great activity for team building. The concept will get your group up and moving and creates a competitive, yet fun adventure. Consider breaking your crew out into multiple groups and pair everyone with someone new. This ensures everyone gets out of their comfort zone and learns how to adapt their communication styles according to the styles of their new teammates. This is a great learning experience for your entire team and the opportunity to get out of the office would be appreciated and well-received.

5. Order Lunch

It may seem simple, but free food is definitely a team motivator. If your team is reserved, displaying signs of communication breakdown, or just generally unproductive, you might consider ordering lunch and having a candid conversation about any incessant issues. The lunch time hour can serve as a brainstorming session and is a great opportunity to get everyone together. You’ll want to approach the lunch as a time to work together and you’ll want to make sure everyone participates. Have an activity prepared in advance so you can make the most of the meeting.

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These are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate team building exercises into your organizational plans. As you’ve seen, team building can have a huge impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. If you want to see improvement within your department, treat your employees to one of these fun outings and enjoy the rewards that go along with it!

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