9 Items to Include in a Complete Press Release Format

Press releases make an important part of any business that detail event announcements, company news, and new product or service releases. However, they’re more than just to keep your the industry in the loop of the business’s releases, they’re also meant to peak the interest of journalists as well. So you will need, at some point,  to develop a press release format that is both complete and attractive.

Creating press releases for your company is usually the first step to a magazine or TV interview used to promote your company and/or brand. However, journalists are always packed with potential stories and pitches. Therefore, it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest. To help you get started, below are the top nine things you need to include in your next press release format.

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9 Items to Include in Your Press Release Format

1. An Attention-Grabbing Headline

Similar to creating a unique blog post title, it’s important that you create an impressive title for your press release that people will want to reach about. Make sure to:

  • Use clear, simple language;
  • Select action verbs that compliment the briefing.

Just be sure to keep your title to one line or else people may have a hard time continuing interest. This is also why it’s most important to keep your headline as interesting as possible. Remember, you have to make it compelling to journalists so that they accept your pitch.

2. Pertinent Details

To get influencers, analysts, reporters, or your own followers to share your press release, you have to connect with them and explain why they should care with what you’re sharing. The beginning of your press release should explain the following aspects of your company news of developments:

  • What;
  • Who;
  • Why;
  • Where;
  • How.

Since reports don’t exactly have the largest amount of time to read through your press release to make a final decision of whether or not to use it, it’s important to offer them the basis of your story at the beginning of the press release. It’s also important that you don’t exclude writing about any vital information at the start of your release. This way, your reader doesn’t miss it if it’s included further into the article.

3. Hard Facts and Numbers

As easy as it is to pack creative writing into your content, press releases weren’t meant to be so. It’s important that you:

  • Include hard numbers that support your company’s product or announcement;
  • Add proof to back up your trend.

The more you quantify your claim, the more compelling your press release will be.

4. An Enticing Quotable

After you include the important details and hard facts, you should add a quote in your press release format. Good quotes can make your announcement come to life and give reporters context. A quote can also exhibit an explanation of how your news will affect your customers or the industry on the whole. The quote you choose to use should be there to:

  • Emphasize your message;
  • Shape your whole narrative.

The quote should be from somebody who is a main stakeholder in your company like an executive, project leader, or someone who was impacted directly by the new product or service. This will give an extra layer of authority to your announcement and showcase how important it is. Additionally, make sure you only include quotes from one or two important figures.

5. Vital Background Information

It can be tempting to throw in all sorts of unnecessary information about your company at the end of your press release. Remember, shorter is better. Don’t include any information that isn’t directly pertinent to your announcement. If you feel you need to bulk up your press release, consider adding any details that make your narrative stronger.

  • For example, this could include any noteworthy or creative methods your company used to develop the project or announcement.
  • You could also include information on the future implications of the product or event you are announcing.

6. Contact Information

One of the most important pieces of your press release format is your contact information. This, however, is often overlooked by most who write press releases.

It is vital that you provide an easy way for the press to follow up with you following your release. At the top of your press release, include the email address and phone number of the company’s point of contact.

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7. A Way for People to Learn More

At the end of your press release, you should always include a way that interested parties can learn more information. At the very least, you should include links to your company’s website. This way, potential writers will know exactly where they can go to learn more information about:

  • Your company;
  • What you stand for;
  • What you have accomplished already.

Don’t force prospective writers into searching for more information on their own. Your goal is to keep readers’ attention and send them to your website as quickly as possible. Plus, anything you can do to make the writer’s job easier is a good idea.

8. Conciseness

Your press release format should also be as detailed and concise as possible. Try to limit the press release to one page. The shorter it is the better. Two pages are the maximum.

This will also help you present the most important information into a more detailed and readable format, which journalists always appreciate.

9. Proper Grammar

The last thing that you need to include in your press release is proper grammar. Make sure you proofread the press release before you send it out.

You should also ask a few others to read it too, just to make sure that there are absolutely no errors. A single spelling mistake can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not your release is taken seriously.

Sending the Mail

Knowing how to properly create a press release format is vital for the success of your future announcements. By including these nine items, you can ensure that your next press release is an effective one.

If you have experience writing a great press release, let us know your thoughts and advice in the comments below.

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