Multi Channel Marketing – All You Need to Know

Multi channel marketing, also called cross channel marketing, focuses on the needs and habits of a targeted consumer base. Some people hunt for reviews on their smartphone while others research service companies from a desk at home. A company who uses this type of marketing uses these methods and more to cast the widest net possible and attract the most eager audience.

The multiple channels involved in this technique are as diverse as the types of companies and individuals using it. They combine digital and tangible streams that all lead consumers toward the company or offer. With proper planning, organization, and smart tracking, multi channel marketing provides an excellent opportunity to get a message in front of more influencers and consumers.

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What Is Multi Channel Marketing

Multi channel marketing is all about choice. While some companies may rely on one marketing method or point of sale, others prefer to create a presence wherever consumers go and for whatever method they use. They deliver the same or similar messages to the widest array of people for the purposes of brand recognition, reputation building, lead generation, and sales.

An excellent example of multi channel marketing is a company with a website, a blog, social media pages, brick-and-mortar establishments, print catalogs, direct mail pieces, and mobile advertisements. All these streams capture interest and lead toward the sales funnel.

Who Uses Multi Channel Marketing?

Whether you are part of the marketing team for a large corporation or a self-employed individual striving to build your business, multi channel marketing makes sense. In fact, it can help level the playing field between companies that have a large marketing budget and those with none at all. The approach and the amount of reach differs, but the outcomes are the same.

Anyone who wants to introduce the company, build its reputation, introduce a product, or offer a service should consider multi channel marketing. Everyone has access to websites, blogs, and social media and can use them as three streams of interest. Email newsletters do not cost much either. Print media and physical office or shop locations suit some companies more than others. The methods used depend on the particular needs and offers of the company or professional using them.

Ways in Which Multi Channel Marketing Can Help Your Business

When multiple channels are used for marketing one unified message about a company, it allows consumers to understand what it stands for and has to offer more clearly. The more people see or read a message, the more likely they are to notice it and believe it.

Diverse marketing streams allow the targeted audience to find and approach the offer from a place of comfort. If they prefer social media for their news and socialization, a company’s presence there will make it more familiar and trusted. The same can be said for every other possible avenue that multi channel marketing takes.

Four Tips for Effective Multi Channel Marketing

While some companies may be tempted to simply splash their name, logo, and offer on as many sites and advertisements as possible, consider a more targeted approach to multi channel marketing. These four tips will help develop a more effective and profitable marketing campaign that includes multiple streams and points of interest to target a particular audience.

1. Define the Ideal Audience

No matter what type of marketing a company undertakes, it must be targeted to the type of consumers or other companies who are most likely to take action on their offer. While they use diverse channels and touch points, tailor the message to the same ideal audience. This step also includes determining how your targeted consumer base prefers to get information. A younger, more tech-savvy demographic may prefer social media and mobile ads. Retired professionals may respond better to direct mail or TV advertising.

2. Standardize the Message

Just as a company should use the same NAP (name, address, phone number) on all directories, they should also use the same message about their company. Consumers may get confused if they learn one thing about a company on the website and another thing on social media. A unified representation and offer build trust.

3. Stay Organized

If a self-employed individual makes use of multi channel marketing, he or she must use a calendar or to-do list to keep the work on track. Companies that have marketing teams must assign work across the channels in such a way that the efforts complement each other. Most of these efforts need to be done on a consistent basis to be effective. For example, create a new social media comment every day or a blog post once per week.

4. Track and Analyze

With multiple marketing methods in use at the same time, everyone can collect more data for analysis. Companies must track every advertising campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. When using various channels, each with its own set of data, analyzation of marketing efficacy becomes more intense and vital to success.

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Multi channel marketing provides both large and small companies with the ability to reach a maximum number of consumers. With an actionable and unwavering message, it will not matter if the audience prefers a postcard in the mail, a sign on your storefront, an interactive website, or social media comments. With all the choices and opportunities to learn about a company, brand recognition will skyrocket and the sales funnel will fill with interested leads.

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