Use Lead Generation Software for Palpable Results

Today there exists a market for virtually every product or service imaginable. With the rise of the internet, consumers are experiencing ever more demands for their attention, while simultaneously they are more well-informed than ever about what they want. Lead generation software can be a potent digital tool that allows a business to automate marketing tasks and boost revenues while staying competitive in a changing market environment.

The following article will explain further what lead generation software is, why you should use it in your business — whether it’s small, medium or large — and tips for selecting and effectively using such programs.

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What Lead Generation Software Is

The definition of a lead varies depending on who your company’s ideal customer is. In general, though, a lead is the contact information of either a person or organization that could potentially benefit your company, either by purchasing what you have to offer or by forming strategic partnerships. For the purposes of this article, the following will focus on those leads that could become your customers.

So what is lead generation software? It is a digital marketing tool that can allow a business to automate tasks such as acquiring, categorizing and distributing leads which, when used effectively, can make a company’s overall marketing efforts more efficient and create high ROI. Put another way, lead generation software automates the acquisition and distribution of lead information from online sources, be it either your company’s website or social media platforms.

Who Uses Lead Generation Software

Businesses of every conceivable type can benefit from lead generation software. For smaller businesses using less costly programs, lead generation software can provide data about your customer’s buying behavior, help enable targeted marketing efforts and improve your customer service.

Larger companies would usually use more expensive and comprehensive enterprise-level lead generation software. Enterprise software typically requires separate teams of IT specialists, data analysts and unique module developers to optimize the use of these tools.

Another important distinction is between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) types of commerce. B2B commerce, in contrast to B2C, usually involves a longer sales cycle and usually several layers of decision makers. Thus “lead nurturing software”, closely related to lead generation applications, is especially important in B2B commerce.

Ways in Which Lead Generation Software Can Help Your Business

To reiterate, this software can be a powerful tool that can quantifiably boost sales and offer good ROI.  There are many providers of lead generation software which tailor to the needs of either small, medium or large companies, with corresponding marketing budgets. Many of these programs have a common set of features, though:

  • Creating customized landing page forms

A web form is an effective method of acquiring new leads, whether by encouraging browsers to fill out a form to access content, get special deals or other enticements.

  • Lead categorizing

The more you know about a lead the better. This software can classify leads based on demographics, website use, buying behavior and general attributes.

  • Social media tools

Create content or offer promotions and track the needs, interests and behaviors of
potential leads.

  • Store lead data

Safely and effectively store the information on your leads, either through cloud-based services or on-site. Such data can be used at any time for targeted marketing efforts.

Lead generation software can automate many tasks, but it is important to proactively analyze the data sets that it provides, quantify what’s working and re-strategize when a certain marketing effort falls short.

4 Tips for Using Lead Generation Software Effectively

Enterprise-level lead generation software is for larger businesses and usually will require whole teams to optimize the tools offered. The more advanced tools include analytical engines that work to achieve specific insights into your customer’s buying behavior, and predictive analytics, which will provide insights into how to expand your business.

There are numerous vendors offering lead generation software solutions that are geared towards the needs of smaller businesses. The following section will provide tips for selecting the right software based on your company’s needs as well as for how to implement it effectively.

1. Choose the software that suits your company’s needs 

Reviewing the experiences of previous users is the most effective method of finding which software vendor to use. has a buyers guide and is a good resource for viewing recommendations and reviews of these types of programs.

2. Create engaging and well-designed landing pages 

Make that first contact a potential lead has with your company’s website a positive experience. Use lead generation software to create well-designed and attractive web forms. Offering value in the way of incentives, such as coupons, promotional giveaways or free content, can increase sign-on rates.

3. Make sure you or your employees are well versed in how to utilize the software

Although the advantage of lead generation software is its potential to automate and streamline marketing tasks, many of these products, even for smaller businesses, require training and present a learning curve for users. Therefore, it is essential for users to learn from their vendor how to properly and effectively make use of the software tools being offered.

4. Utilize social media tools 

As stated above, social media data tools are a common feature of many of these programs. Social media platforms are extremely popular, and using them to reach potential leads, as well as to learn about their needs and desires, presents a very cost-effective opportunity for your business’s marketing team.

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Summing Up

The world is getting more connected and people everywhere are finding themselves faced with ever more demands on their attention. It is therefore of great importance to companies of all kinds to try and find ways to cut through this noise. Lead generation software, and related technology, can be a vital tool towards doing just that.

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