What Can an Instagram Influencer Do For Your Brand?

Today’s businesses know that social media can be a valuable business asset for any brand. There are many social media platforms available these days. This can make it challenging for a business to choose which platforms will work best for their brand and how to utilize them successfully. This is why new tools, such as the Instagram influencer appeared.

Instagram has become a powerhouse for social media marketing. This visually driven platform appeals primarily to millennials and women, who tend to be more visual decision makers. An effective way that a business can leverage this unique visual platform to their advantage is through the use of the Instagram influencer.

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What Is an Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram influencer is an individual or company that is established on Instagram. They have their own following and are trusted by their own dedicated followers. An Instagram influencer uses their reputation to persuade and influence others to follow their example. If a brand were to partner with an Instagram influencer, the influencer would use their unique position on Instagram to raise awareness of the brand in a number of ways.

Instagram influencers often use hashtags and/or photos of branded merchandise to persuade others to use the same brands they do. This is effective marketing because the influencer’s audience trusts his/her judgement. Influencers establish their reputation using their unique personality with visual story telling and standing by the products they recommend. This gives the influencer significant power over their social media audience.

Who Uses an Instagram Influencer?

Marketing departments or managers of businesses and corporations use social media to market their brands fast and effectively. A good marketer understands that an influencer of any social media platform can quickly promote and improve a brand’s reputation and establish brand loyalty. It is difficult for a brand to begin establishing a presence on social media. When a brand needs a boost or wants to increase their presence on Instagram, an Instagram influencer can help.

When a company starts out on social media, they don’t have followers or brand awareness on the platform. This is normal. In order to get past that hurdle and get the word out fast, a company can hire an Instagram influencer who has their own established reputation and following. Increased followers equal increased brand awareness and exposure. Audiences trust Instagram influencers who boost their opinion of brands the influencer uses and recommends.

Ways in Which an Instagram Influencer Can Help Your Business

  • Using Instagram influencers is an effective way for a business to market their products or services via this particular social network. An influencer uses a few methods to do this. He or she can write about the product or service in a positive light and use a hashtag to bring awareness of the product and encourage others to do the same. This helps Instagram users find your product and brand.
  • Like many other social media platforms, Instagram uses an algorithm. An algorithm is an equation that determines which content a user will see based on popularity. By using hashtags, the name of your brand, and encouraging others to do the same, an Instagram influencer will help your brand receive a boost in traffic on the platform.
  • Another way that Instagram influencers can help your brand is through their creative use of images. If an influencer is using your product in their Instagram posts, this sends a powerful message to the audience. The audience will be intrigued and check out the product for themselves or look up the product for more information. This increases brand awareness and brand loyalty.

4 Tips to Use an Instagram Influencer and Boost Your Brand

The following are four tips to help you get the most out of using an Instagram influencer to improve your brand.

1. Check Out Your Competition

If you have competition, search Instagram for their brand using keywords and hashtags. Find influencers that are using the brand’s hashtag and check out their posts. This will give you an idea of the type of influencer to look for as well as the content that you expect from an Instagram influencer.

Make notes about what works and what doesn’t using the number of likes on each post as a guide.

2. Gather Examples

If you see examples of the type of content you would like for your brand, screenshot it or provide some other type of visual aid for your future Instagram influencer.

This will help the influencer to plan better content that satisfies your brand’s needs. But it still provides them with the flexibility they need in order to maintain their influence on Instagram.

3. Find an Influencer You Love

Search for Instagrammers with a large following that suit your style and have interests within your niche. If your brand is athletic wear, you would search for an influencer that is in the health and fitness or exercise niches. Don’t settle for just any Instagram influencer.

Create a list of potential influencers that you can see as the face of your brand. Select a few that you love and make lists about what you love about their posts and why they would be a great fit and contact them.

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4. Create a Contract and Details

You will need to create the same kind of contract that you would for any contract work. Provide the influencer with examples and your expectations. Consider the frequency of posts and content you want associated with your brand.

Determine a hashtag that you would like the Instagram Influencer to use. When you discuss payment and method, be fair. The influencer will be writing original content that they will have to plan, design, and publish. That is more work than you may realize.

To the #Spotlight

Hiring an Instagram influencer can be a great move for your brand. He or she will help you to establish your brand on the platform and create brand loyalty faster than going it alone.

If you have any advise for using an influencer, please mention it in the comments below.

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