Instagram and Facebook Finally Integrate

Many Facebook and Instagram users were not aware, but Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012. However, both social media networks seemed to operate completely separate. Today, the future of Instagram looks like it might be more Facebook-friendly.


Engadget reported that Facebook is planning to change how the two platforms interact, especially in terms of Instagram for business users. Facebook is currently working on their unified Pages Manager inbox, which will let business users’ complete actions from the Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook in a single platform.


This gives consumers faster response times too because a user could send a complaint via Instagram and the company will receive it regardless of which platform they are on – without the need to log in and monitor Instagram and Facebook separately.


Instagram is the Rising Star for Businesses

Instagram hashtags and action surpassed Twitter, says Forbes. Their app is user-friendly, welcomes interaction between brands and consumers, and it has captured the elements that were missing from other social media platforms.


Instagram now allows business accounts, thanks to their merger with Facebook. Those with a business account have backend features, which provide them with Instagram analytics for insight.


Also, these background features give companies access to the time of day users see their stuff, which posts get the most shares/comments/likes, and how long users spend on Instagram at certain times of the day.


Business Users Need to Get Followers on Instagram

To be successfully socially, a business user must increase their Instagram followers. This has given rise to companies offering services and advice on how to get more followers on Instagram, but it did not address the fact that a vast majority of users and businesses avoid Instagram.


In fact, Business News Daily reports that a vast majority of people and businesses do not use Instagram because they are not clear on how it works. Worse, a vast majority of companies don’t use Instagram or any social media marketing, and some did not see the value in Instagram photos to justify the time setting up and maintaining a profile.


What is more interesting, is the same survey found that 92% of companies that used Instagram said they do so to approach new customers and build brand awareness. Also, 41% reported using Instagram as a way to show off their company’s brand, features, products, and capabilities.


Small business owners can easily get on Instagram now with the merged platforms. To make sure they stand out, they can view competitor profiles and see what they are sharing and how engaged their customers are with those photos.


Then, create a profile and share what works. Also, businesses should constantly check their Facebook and Instagram, because remaining active is what keeps Facebook showing a business’s content, but gives customers a constant reason to follow and check-in with their favorite brand.



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