Market Trends: How to Set Up Instagram for Business

Instagram is one medium that has proven very effective in reaching different types of audiences, thus its incorporation into many marketing strategies. Regardless of the business, the photo-sharing app provides a chance to gain recognition for brands. They can also interact with consumers in a manner that was not possible a few years ago. Marketers are learning how to use the social network to garner followers. Consequently, they get support for their products. So many begin to wonder how to set up Instagram for business in a way that appeals to the right audiences.

An Instagram presence in this day and age is not even a suggestion; it’s a requirement. This is especially with the over 300 million users who utilize the app. However, not every company on the image sharing platform reaps the benefits.

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What Is Instagram?

You may be a new player or an entrepreneur who has not invested in social media marketing. So learning how the app works is vital. Instagram allows users to post images on their profile, which are seen by their followers. Users can choose to follow anyone. So it helps to have a fascinating profile that attracts the right people. The social networking app now provides opportunities for companies to capitalize on the potential presented by the millions of account holders.

Instagram for business comes with a host of features that make it suitable for commercial use. The social app helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by boosting their online presence. This feature has become marketing bread and butter. However, the medium only works when it’s done right. So this requires more than just a basic knowledge of how to set up Instagram for business. Marketers must develop a workable strategy to go with the account.

Who uses Instagram?

Some of the biggest enterprises in the globe have Instagram pages. They use them to promote brands and engage with customers. Like other social media, the app is also useful in gathering feedback from clients. That is invaluable information. Instagram is filled with all sorts of target markets; thought leaders, shoppers, and investors. These are interesting prospects for different types of brands that include established organizations, retail stores, and startups.

With the answer on how to set up Instagram for business, marketers can generate leads from these audiences. Before putting resources in an Instagram business account, an enterprise must first analyze the benefits it stands to gain by using this form of marketing. What is the bottom-line? Are you looking to boost web traffic? Or do you want to create brand awareness or increase sales? The answers to these will help structure a grounded campaign for your Instagram marketing.

How Setting Up Instagram for Business Can Help Your Company

The importance of having a company Instagram account is clear, and the pros are laid out. But how does it work? Corporations achieve different levels of success when using Instagram for business. This is because the approaches are different.

Some marketers get it, others don’t. So the former are the ones who have worked out the complexities of how to set up Instagram for business. Before anything, you have to get the app. It is downloadable from application stores like iTunes and PlayStore.

4 Major Steps to Set Up Instagram for Business

1. Create the Account

The username and bio are two elements of your Instagram account that have to be of superior quality. When people search for your brand, this is what appears in search results. So it not only has to be visible but also fitting. Think of your bio and username as extensions of your brand, because they are. Consumers will come to associate your brand with its Instagram page. So you want to get it right.

Create the account using your work email. Don’t make the error of logging in with your personal Facebook profile because then the two will be automatically linked. The advantage of using a work email is that contacts and colleagues who have that address saved can find you when they use the Find Friends feature on Instagram.

2. Describe Your Company

Like most social media platforms today, Instagram gives very limited characters for the description. Therefore, it has to be concise and appealing. A mere glance at it should give followers an idea of what the page contains. You can offer an explanation of what the business is about and where it is located. But don’t be too rigid.

Instagram also allows users to have a clickable link under the bio, so pick one that can help with your company’s web traffic generation.

3. Pick a Profile Picture

Another crucial part of how to set up Instagram for Business is selecting the image that will accompany the username and description. The +Photo button is at the top of the same page, so just tap on it. Note that your photo will be the size of that +Photo circle, so make it count. Tapping the button will give you several options to import photos. This makes it essential to decide where to get the best ones.

Again, resist pulling images from your personal Facebook page because that will link the data as well. Pick a picture that will quickly identify your business. Most companies use their logo, tagline or any other image that connects to their brand. If it’s a retail store, you can capture a photo of some of the items on sale and upload it.

4. Profile Details

The next step on how to set up Instagram for business is filling the profile basic – the name and phone number. If it’s an individual selling himself/herself as a business, then the personal name applies. Otherwise, input the registered company name that clients, potential customers, and associates can easily identify.

Include the number that will make it uncomplicated for customers to find your enterprise and ensure that when it rings, someone will answer. After providing these basics, you can proceed to follow any number of accounts whether individuals or other businesses.

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Logging Out

The image sharing aspect of Instagram can help an organization gain a considerable online visibility. But this can halpen only if you can maximize the opportunities it offers. Knowing how to set up Instagram for business can allow you take advantage of the app’s features. This way, you will also increase ROI for your social media marketing. Remember to activate social sharing for your account to enable interaction on multiple platforms.

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