How to Get More Followers on Twitter: 11 Expert Insights

Twitter is a free social messaging platform for sending and receiving instant messages. Although it is often referred to as a micro-blogging service or social network, it is just an instant messaging tool. Yet, it is a highly popular tool. So, the question comes naturally: how to get more followers on Twitter and gain visibility there?

There are numerous reasons you would want more followers on Twitter. More followers enhance your influence. Also, more followers provide you with higher social authority. Last, but not least having more followers culminate to more sales for your products and services.

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11 Expert Ways to Learn How to Get More Followers on Twitter

If you have been wondering how to get more followers on Twitter, here are a few proven methods to do so.

1. Use Suitable Cover and Profile Photos

The first step on learning how to get more followers on Twitter is to ensure you have a relevant cover photo and a neat, high-resolution logo as your profile photo. Doing this prevents anyone from thinking you are a fake user or spammer when they are considering if they should follow you.

Also, people like knowing who they are interacting with. There are lots of spammers out there, and you can always tell because they don’t bother uploading a profile photo. Don’t fall into this category.

2. Create an Interesting Bio

The second step on how to get more followers on Twitter is having an impressive bio. When people want to decide whether to follow you or not, they will examine your Twitter bio to see if your tweets will be relevant to them. A good rule to observe is to indicate:

  • Which industry you are interested in;
  • What you do;
  • Where you work.

This will help your potential followers determine whether you will be sharing relevant information that is worth following. Optimizing this will attract more followers because people are always in search for new people to follow.

3. Create a Custom About Page

The third way to learn how to get more followers on Twitter is customizing your About page. Your bio can only accommodate 160 characters. So, it won’t be sufficient to introduce your audience to all you can offer, neither can it tell your full story.

Therefore, the solution is to create a custom About page on your blog and then link it to Twitter. And when your prospective followers click on this link, they will arrive at the custom page you have created specifically for them.

4. Tweet Consistently but Not Excessively

This is one of the most crucial tips on how to get more followers on Twitter. You need to tweet regularly to engage your followers and prospects since no one wants to follow someone who is inactive and inconsistent. A proven recommendation to follow is three to five tweets per day with an interval of a few hours per tweet.

This will keep you in the minds of your followers. Avoid sharing tweets every minute because you will be spamming your followers’ newsfeeds and most of them will just Unfollow you.

5. Make Your Twitter Presence Visible

Once you might have read an interesting post and wanted to share the link but were unable because you couldn’t find the author’s Twitter username. Thus, make it simple for people to follow you.

Show links to your Twitter account on your:

  • Business cards;
  • Website;
  • Blog;
  • Facebook profile;
  • Email signature.

6. Tweet with Questions or Opinions

When tweeting, attach a genuine question or witty opinion to engage your followers. When they are adequately involved, your tweets will go viral, and the result will be more significant exposure that will culminate in more Twitter followers.

Just tweeting a bland statement or an article makes your followers think you don’t care about what you are tweeting about. Consequently, they won’t care either.

7. Share Valuable Content

If you are ambitious on learning how to get more followers on Twitter, consider sharing meaningful and valuable content.

  • Direct people to helpful resources;
  • Be inspiring;
  • Be generous;
  • Use lots of links.

Create content that your followers will be anxious to receive and share with their own followers. This is crucial if you want to be re-tweeted, and people will mention you in their tweets.

8. Tweet with Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are statements starting with #, and they usually depict the topic your tweet is about. So if you are tweeting about social media, use #socialmedia as your hashtag because there are lots of people who are daily seeking content related to #socialmedia on Twitter. Adding hashtags to your tweets helps you expose your brand to millions of users who are actively searching for that topic.

If they find your tweet to be relevant to their search, most likely they will follow you because they want more relevant information in future.

  • If you use the hashtag wisely, you will receive more followers.
  • However, if you abuse it, people will consider you a spammer, and they will stop following you.

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9. Keep Your Posts Reasonably Short for Re-tweeting

Re-tweets are the only way you can be noticed by individuals who don’t follow you. Thus, make it simple for your followers to re-tweet you.

Make your tweets short enough for your followers to add your username and the RT symbol, for example, RT @JosephJones. This model has used about 15 characters, which means your tweet cannot be longer than 125 characters.

10. Follow Relevant People

Another tip on how to get more followers on Twitter is to follow others first so that other people know you exist. However, don’t follow them haphazardly. Instead, identify relevant people in your industry you would like to associate with because they will most likely be interested in your brand and they may want to follow you.

Remember, don’t follow hundreds of people before you obtain some followers. Following more people than those following you may cause others to doubt your legitimacy. A good rule is to establish a following to followers ratio of 1:1.

11. Link and Re-tweet Others

Twitter encourages a culture of sharing. If you link to others, they will reciprocate. And this is precisely what you need to gain more followers.

You need other Twitter users to introduce you to their followers. But, don’t ask for re-tweets. Just post great content that is worth re-tweeting.

Final Thoughts

If you have been querying about how to get more followers on Twitter, these are the guidelines to follow. So create a great cover and profile photo, write a compelling bio, tweet consistently, and share valuable content.

Do you want to attract more followers on Twitter? Please share your comments.

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