What Is Google Remarketing and Why It Can Help Your Business Grow

Remarketing is a strategy that allows a website owner to connect with visitors to his or her site who have not actually made a purchase or may have inquired as to other services or information on the site.

The approach is designed for use with online businesses and service providers and gives a website owner the ability to position specific ads so those that have previously visited the website can review target ads as they browse other areas on the internet. The ads present themselves in different patterns and placements on various sites visited, and the person browsing can easily view them.

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What Is Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing actually delivers target ads in both image and text presentations. The ads themselves are managed through Google AdWords. The ads are displayed on web pages that website visitors go to, which have incorporated and utilized the remarketing strategies provided through Google advertising.

Google Remarketing is a significant technique for augmenting an arduous sales process, especially when that process is lengthy and competitive. If the procedure for placing the ads is done in just the right way, it can be of benefit to improving sales or services and raising brand awareness as well as bringing additional information to those viewing products and services.

The Remarketing process technically works with the placement of cookies on a website visitor’s computer, or other device, when they meet the criteria of the website they are visiting. They have cookie identification (ID), which is added to the website owner’s remarketing list. A website owner can have many lists that contain a range of varying criteria.

Who Uses Google Remarketing

Individuals, companies and most online businesses are utilizing remarketing to their advantage and those who are thinking about and contemplating Google Remarketing are doing so to increase sales and services on their websites as well as display services to individuals researching, browsing and looking for specific information to help them decide on a product or service.

Google Remarketing can be a valuable tool for internet business owners as it keeps their products and services exposed to potential customers and clients in an easy and simple format. Anyone with an online product or service-related business can adopt a remarketing plan without a lot of time and expense put towards other types of advertising platforms and techniques.

The Remarketing approach makes it possible for an internet business owner to choose selected products and services that potential customers are viewing. Those ads can be kept in the spotlight as subtle reminders to customers who have kept those products or services in mind for either immediate or future use or purchase.

8 Ways in Which Google Remarketing Can Help Your Business

1. Increasing your Conversion Rate

A conversion rate means the percentage of visitors to a website who take action towards fulfilling a desire or need. Desired actions can vary from website to website as well as take a number of forms, such as:

  • Product Sales;
  • Site Registrations or Memberships;
  • Subscriptions to Newsletters;
  • Software Downloads;
  • Request for a Service/Follow-through;
  • Browsing a website;
  • Any other activities.

Conversion rates depend on a number of critical factors in order to bring about satisfactory end results for remarketing, which include:

  • Site visitor interest level – the interest level of a site visitor is widened by matching the right visitor at the right time and place.
  • Appeal/Attractiveness of the offers shown – The attractiveness of the offers given have to have a certain element of value and presentation appeal. Sometimes smaller impulse items have higher conversions rates than larger, higher priced items.
  • Simplicity of the process – if the site is easily, quickly and intuitively navigated, a visitor’s completion of an action is going to be a simple process.

2. Implementing a Good Strategy

For remarketing strategies to be successful, it is important that the targeted ads do one or more of the following:

  • be pertinent to what site visitors are seeking;
  • provide some kind of encouragement for visitors to return;
  • offer a discount or sale on a particular ad item.

3. Connecting with the Target Audience

Connecting with potential customers is part of remarketing strategy that gives an internet business owner the opportunity to reconnect with potential customers later, when they are more likely to make a decision towards a purchase.

4. Displaying More Relevant Ads

Ad relevancy not only gains more customers but improves the click-through rate on a site as well as the conversion rate. Ads aimed at customer needs and interests will help in an overall ad campaign as well as target new customers within and outside of a pinpointed customer or client base.

5. Creating a Powerful Brand

Ad recognition is important in branded searches as potential customers will remember the brand that was shown to them, particularly when they view the ads a few times before clicking.

6. Understanding Your Audience

It’s the part of remarketing that allows you to continue to target existing customers along with anyone showing an interest in your products or services. You can determine what your customers are searching for and just where they are in the purchasing process, and if they are likely to buy from your site again.

7. Customization for Your Own Ads

Improving ads through remarketing provides for customization of ads on a site. Ads can be tailor-made to a site user’s actions and can incorporate the right features to improve an ad and attract customers. In addition, testing and changing ads is a good way to keep a high click rate high.

8. Increasing Sales

Maximizing sales can be achieved through Remarketing as it allows website businesses to market to an audience that is already interested in what you are offering. If great ads are created, sales can be boosted.

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Summing Up

Google Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows website business owners and others to link up and connect with people who are in need of products or services. Though the process involves following consumers on line, specifically targeting with ads, and limiting the number of times an ad is presented to the same person, the process provides both value and benefit to an online business.

Whether it involves specific items for sale or services rendered, a business model that incorporates Google Remarketing strategies can be successful, particularly when the eight (8) ways in which it can assist a business are incorporated in the model.

Google Remarketing is available for use by almost anyone with an online business, and it may be a way for you to improve business, increase sales and services, and have a successful relationship with customers and clients. You may just find them returning to your site on a regular basis. Perhaps it is something you should consider for your business. Give it serious thought. Others that have used remarketing strategies may want to provide their thoughts as well. Remarketing just may be the right tool for online businesses to invest in to increase sales and services and gain true success.

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