10 Digital Business Card Ideas to Refresh Your Contacts

While scrolling through your list of contacts on your cell phone, you may see a host of individuals with whom you are no longer in communication. Many of them relate to your career, and others just appear as names on a digital business card.

For a variety of reasons, these business communications may have fizzled. So, you must employ methods for refreshing that list of business contacts.

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10 Suggestions for Digital Business Cards in the Modern World

Right now, you might not even have heard of a digital business card. The first step to take is to implement this marketing and networking technique into your business plan. The very essence of a digital business card allows you to connect with people in different ways than before.

1. Take the Environmentally Friendly Approach

The benefit for the environment is one of the reasons why a digital business card is such a good idea. For example, many companies like to state that they are environmentally friendly. However, if you are using paper business cards, then you are contradicting yourself.

By integrating a digital business card into your marketing and networking methods, you’re showing that you do care about reducing the amount of paper that your company uses.

2. Save Money

If you took a look at the company’s budget, you might expect to find that paper items do not take up too much of the money that your business spends. However, what you actually uncover could be quite different.

When you switch to a digital business card, you don’t have to spend all of those funds on paper business cards anymore. Since you have more money, you can allocate those funds to building better marketing plans for the modern era.

3. Make Contact Information Clearer

You may wonder why no one has been contacting your company lately, and it could be because the contact information on your current digital business card is unclear. Whether you have it written in a small font or a font that is difficult to read, you could be accidentally discouraging people from contacting your company.

Working with developers of digital business cards can help you to select the right font. Remember to keep the preferences of your target audience in mind when doing so.

4. Check Contact Information for Accuracy

Another issue may be that your contact information is inaccurate or that no one actually responds to the email address or phone number.

  • For example, some businesses encourage people to contact them on social media. However, the social media account may be poorly monitored. When people send inquiries on social media, they are often looking for a fast answer. They don’t want to hear back a week later.
  • Also, you may suggest that clients email you but include a poorly monitored email address on your card.

To improve the success rate of your digital business card, you must ensure that it includes information that interested parties can actually use.

5. Turn to Branding

You might think that branding has to do only with traditional marketing tactics, but that is far from the truth. When people recognize your brand, you can connect with them and make a sale or build a business contact. Therefore, your branding efforts should appear on your digital business card as well as other marketing material.

You may want to work to refine your logo or slogan to ensure that it looks good on the digital business card.

6. Revise for Going Digital

The logo for your company might involve complex detail or many colors. While methods of technology are growing more and more proficient with creating crisp and accurate images, your current logo may have include some details that don’t translate well onto the screen.

While entirely changing the symbol that identifies your business could mean that you lose customers, making some edits can help to render your company more successful in the near future.

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7. Know Your Audience

Knowing to whom you are distributing these business cards is of utmost importance. For example, your company may frequent networking events where you are handing digital business cards to other business owners and employees.

On the other hand, you may primarily use these business cards for customers. Each technique requires its own approach. You may decide to design some business cards that are for other businesses and some that are for customers.

8. Target Your Audience

You need to know more about your audience than just who they are. You also must investigate what their interests are and what they are drawn to when it comes to advertising material. Targeting the needs of your audience is an extremely important step whether you are creating traditional marketing material or a new digital business card.

Working to get into their minds and to determine what it is that they want to see can help your digital business card tremendously.

9. Include Credentials

Even if you think that you don’t have competition, you almost certainly do. A digital business card gives you the opportunity to show your potential customers or business associates why you are better than the competition.

Including your credentials, such as the degree that you hold or the number of years that your company has been in business, can help recipients of the digital business card to see why your entity has the edge on others.

10. Talent

A digital business card may also provide you with the opportunity to showcase your company’s talent. For example, you may work in the field of graphic design, or you may own a company that is known for its technological skills.

If your digital business card is lackluster in graphics or if it looks as though someone with nascent knowledge of technology designed it, then you might give off a bad impression of your business.


A digital business card is a valuable tool in the modern world. With this business card, you can connect with people in more efficient ways than before.

Taking steps to better your current model or to create a card can seriously assist your company.

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