Buzz Marketing – Explaining the Positive and Negative Buzz

Buzz marketing is related to word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing, and viral marketing, but is a field of its own. An example of this type of marketing is when a company hosts an event where consumers can try their product. The company encourages attendees to share their experiences online or with friends and family. What makes buzz marketing unique is the goal is to get people talking about the business and its product. It’s not just about increasing sales or increasing awareness. Below we will go into a deeper explanation of what buzz marketing is and how it can help your business.

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What Is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a type of viral marketing that causes customers to amplify a marketing message by talking about the company and its product with others. Although buzz marketing is usually positive, companies should still be aware that it can go wrong, resulting in the spread of negative talk about the company and its product. Carefully craft buzz marketing campaigns and ensure that the product or service is of good quality to help prevent this type of marketing from going wrong.

The goal of buzz marketing is to maximize a product’s word-of-mouth potential in a positive way. Today, companies usually aim to maximize word-of-mouth through social media platforms and a consumer’s loved ones. Early adopters, those who are usually the first to try a new product, and influencers are usually the first people to start generating buzz around a company. Influencers are people who have large followings on social media and online presences. An influencer’s opinions are trusted by their followers.

Who Uses Buzz Marketing?

Businesses of all sizes can use buzz marketing. Some marketers have learned this skill while others choose to build an agency that specializes in buzz marketing. Companies may expect their in-house marketers to have this skill, whereas others are willing to outsource. Buzz marketing helps them grow their businesses, boost awareness, and increase sales.

Marketing managers, market research analysts, and demonstrators and producers also make use of buzz marketing. A marketing manager is responsible for developing and monitoring a plan to generate interest in the company’s products. Marketing managers who understand the value of buzz marketing, incorporate it into their plans.

A marketing analyst investigates what type of products people want and how much they’re willing to spend on those products. They report the market conditions to a marketing manager. Demonstrators and product promoters go out in the field to share samples and communicate with customers to garner important information about the company’s target audience. They sometimes host contests and participate in trade shows as well.

Ways in Which Buzz Marketing Can Help Your Business

This type of viral marketing can grow your online traffic, as long as you share your website’s name during the campaign. Depending on the nature of the campaign, you can include a link to your website or print it on the package. Buzz marketing can also increase sales for your business, especially if the product is good. People who try and like your product enough to share with their peers upon encouragement will direct more customers your way. Consumers are more trusting of what their friends and family say about a business than the company itself.

Influencers that talk about your business or product can boost awareness and sales for your brand. Their opinions are noticed quickly due to a high number of followers on social media. Thus, it’s a good idea to target influencers in a buzz marketing campaign to get the ball rolling faster. Another benefit of buzz marketing is an increase in new followers on social media. As you grow your audience, you’ll grow your business. More people will have an interest in your brand and what it offers. Thus, you’ll benefit from the buzz marketing campaign long after it’s over.

5 Tips for Buzz Marketing

1. Use one of the top six topics that get people talking

Remember, the goal is for people to talk about your brand, not just see that it exists. According to Mark Hughes, author of “Buzzmarketing,” the six topics that trigger the most discussion among people are controversy or taboo, the unique or unusual, something that’s remarkable, the outrageous, the hilarious, and secrets.

2. Do something unique or create a unique product positioning

If you stand out from the others in your industry, it will be easier to generate buzz about your business. Host an event that no one else in your industry has created before. Find a product position that no one else has taken yet. For example, if the average time for closing a mortgage loan is two months in the industry, then promise to close within two weeks. This unusual product positioning makes your brand stand out.

3. Go above and beyond what is expected

This is the secret to being remarkable. When a business delivers more than what’s expected, happy customers will likely talk about it. They may post about it on social media or tell their friends and family.

4. Double-check that your campaign is relevant

If you take an outrageous approach to your campaign, ensure it is connected to your brand. Outrageous marketing for the sake of being outrageous might get people talking, but they tend to not remember the brand. You want people to remember your brand’s name and mention it in discussion.

5. Make consumers feel like they’re in on a secret

An example of the secret topic utilized in buzz marketing is releasing behind-the-scenes content. People love seeing what goes on behind the scenes; it makes them feel like they’re in on information that they originally weren’t supposed to know.

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Generating buzz surrounding your business isn’t as random or difficult as you may have thought. There are certain techniques that work well time and time again to get people talking about a brand. If you want to make use of buzz marketing, it’s a good idea to hire a marketing manager with knowledge in this field or outsource to an agency that specializes in this variation of viral marketing. As with all forms of marketing, you should also ensure that it never goes too far or it could damage your reputation.

Have you ever ran a buzz marketing campaign before? How well did it turn out for you? Have a question about buzz marketing? Leave us a comment below.

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