4 Steps to Set up Your Company on the Bing for Business Map

Today, many consumers turn to the internet to search for goods and services in the local area. So, it is a great time to take advantage of the huge potential of listing your local business on Bing for business. Doing this will not only increase your visibility but also influence potential customers to your premises.

After Google My Business, Bing for Business listing is also a tool with great potential. You might even realize upon searching your business online, that Bing team has already added your business. Often times you will realize that the information presented about your business is outdated or inaccurate. So, when you set up business for yourself you have a chance of ensuring that information presented to customers is correct.

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What Is Bing for Business?

Much like Google or Yelp, Bing for business is a free online tool that let customers find more information about your business when they are searching for businesses like yours in a specific locality. Bing might not be as popular as Google. Yet, it is a favorite online listing tool that most people use to search for business or services online. In 2015, Bing had a 20% share of web search in the US. What is even more interesting is that Bing is the default web search engine for all the latest Windows PCs, Tablets, or smartphones.

When you want a better reach for all the potential customers who use Bing to search for businesses in your local area, then setting up Bing for business is the most appropriate. It allows you to manage the information that is shown about your business. Apart from location, Bing for Business map informs web users about:

  • Products or service you offer;
  • Contact information;
  • Store hours;
  • Other relevant information.

Who Uses Bing for Business?

There are three main categories of businesses that can be listed on Bing for business. This includes chain businesses with multiple locations, small or local businesses with a storefront, and businesses which offer services at customer locations. Apart from the business owners who can claim the free Bing listing and manage the information about their enterprises, marketing agencies can also do so on behalf of clients. However, they have to create agency accounts that will allow them to make changes, share with clients, and take advantage of several features.

Users can contribute entries to Bing for Business Map. These contributions could include landmark, businesses, locations or buildings. However, user entries should be toggled. In addition to this, users should have Microsoft account. Bing for business is free for enterprises with fewer than 1,250,000 transactions annually on non-password protected websites. However, it is not designed for businesses that operate entirely online.

Microsoft offers several Bing for Business Map licensing programs tailored to varying business needs, and specific applications, and business sizes. It is free for businesses with fewer than 1,250,000 transactions annually on non-password protected websites.

Ways in which Bing for Business Can Help your Company

Apart from being a reliable and one of the top search engines, Bing offers high-quality content to web users. So, business owners have a better chance of gaining popularity among potential clients. A majority of search engines have adjusted their algorithm to favor local searches. This is informed by the fact that about 20% of all searches on PCs are for local businesses. Meanwhile, approximately 50% of searches made on mobile devices are for local businesses.

When you list your company on Bing for business means it will be available to local customers on the search engine including mobile devices. Besides this, Bing is also part of Microsoft solutions. So, your business has a higher chance of being found through Windows PC and phones. Your business will show up in web browser search engine as well as Windows Mobile mapping app. In fact, Windows Mobile is ahead of Blackberry but behind Apple iOS and Google Android as the most popular mobile operating system.

Bing has several useful features to promote your business. You can create promotional coupons and discounts and other similar promotions. The best thing is that all the promotions can be easily shared on the social media and cut across other marketing platforms.

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Setting up Bing for Business in 4 Quick Steps

As indicated earlier, you need a Microsoft account to setup Bing for business. But if you are using Windows Phone or Windows 10, you probably have an account. It is, however, advisable to create a new Microsoft account rather than using your personal account. This will make it easier for other people who are managing Bing for business to access the account without interfering with personal stuff.

  1. Go to Bing Places for Business: The first step is to visit Bing Places site then click Get Started button.
  2. Claim your business: Next, search for your business using your business number, telephone number, location. It is important to try all these search criteria to see if Bing has your business details. If you have an old phone number you can also use to search for your business. If your business already exists, then click on Claim Business and follow next instructions. You will have to follow Create New Business button if your business is not in Bing.
  3. Add or adjust business information: The first thing is to sign in using your Microsoft account details. From here you will enter business information which includes company name, location, and contact information. You will submit these details.
  4. Verify your business: The final step is to verify business through various ways. The common methods are postcard verification and phone verification. Verification PIN will be sent to your provided address, your email or via a phone call to your business phone number. Another means is through web verification where you will be provided with five questions that you must answer correctly.

Logging In

Are you using Bing for business? Remember, Bing is the third largest search engine, after Google & YouTube. So, it is one of the powerful tools for improving visibility and reaching out to local consumers.

If you are already part of Bing Places, then how is your experience? Please share your story and any tips you may have for those who intend to set up their accounts.

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