10 Alternative Search Engines to Boost Your Visibility on the Entire Internet

These days, tens of alternative search engines claim to provide relevant results, uncluttered and easy to read interface and helpful options to aid your search. Most users still consider Google to be the king of search engines. Since most alternative search engines are unknown to most users, users cannot tap into their benefits.

According to Netcraft, a web statistics organization, the internet holds over 625 million active websites that contain information those users are actively looking for. If you don’t like the results you’re getting from Google, or if you want a change of scenery. Here are some top alternative search engines to look into.

10 Alternative Search Engines You Did Not Know. Until Now

bing logo

1. Bing

Bing is a Microsoft search engine. Regardless of Google being the commonest search engine across the globe, Bing should not be overlooked. Every one in three people in the United States has been recorded to use Bing when searching for services, products and consumer information online. Bing claims 33% of the market in the United States. This equates to at least 6.2 billion searches in the United States alone.

It is available as an Android and iPhone app. It also powers Apple’s Siri and Amazons Kindle. Bing has established a definite presence among consumers and possesses a couple of advantages compared to Google. As per advertising, Bing offers cheaper Cost-Per-Click and has utilized better device targeting. Following their continuous updates and improvements to their platform, Bing is likely to secure their presence in the global search market.

yahoo logo

2. Yahoo!

Yahoo is one of the alternative search engines owned by Yahoo Inc. and has been up for longer than Google has. Yahoo is the second biggest search directory on the entire internet. Yahoo has well-integrated search results to its rich content network and has an enhanced user interface for customization.

For example, it allows users to connect to sites such as Gmail without having to leave Yahoo. It contains capabilities for target display marketing and has personalized advertisements that are accessible from their main page.

ask logo

3. Ask

Although not as popular as Bing or Yahoo, a lot of users love Ask for its clear question and answer formats. Ask can be used as a regular search engine where users can enter their search queries. In layout, Ask resembles Google but whereas Google page ranks its search by popularity.

Asks uses an algorithm called expert rank where top results are ordered using editorial functions and topic communities to create what is referred to as the smart answers. According to their algorithm, Ask states that expertise and not popularity determine the top results.

duckduckgo logo

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has grown in popularity due to its privacy policy. It doesn’t share or collect personal search information. In fact, no record is ever created on DuckDuckGo, and there is no way for a search to be connected to a user. DuckDuckGo offers clean and ad-free searches. Zero-click is an additional feature that provides a well-consolidated answer at the top of your results page.

The information is fetched from reputable sources such as Wikipedia, Crunchbase, and the free dictionary. Lastly, since DuckDuckGo doesn’t have the concept of pages, users can easily access the information they are looking for without having to change the search query.

wolfram alpha logo

5. Wolfram Alpha

This search engine takes a completely different approach to searches by focusing on the computational knowledge. Instead of giving you results regarding links and website pages, Wolfram Alpha provides results based on data and facts it finds from external sources.

Its results page displays statistics, images, data, graphs and all other sorts of relevant information about your search query. Wolfram Alpha stands out as the search engine for highly analytical, knowledge-based queries that would require time to find on other alternative search engines.

dogpile logo

6. Dogpile Search

This search engine preceded Google as the efficient choice for job searches. The search engine faded into obscurity in the 1990’s as Google took over. Today, the Dogpile search engine is back, with enhanced presentation capabilities and high index that is witness to its glory days.

For a search engine with engaging presentation and useful cross-link results, Dogpile is the search engine to meet your job seeking needs.

yippy official logo


7. Yippy Search Engine

Yippy is a dark and deep web search engine that searches for your results in other search engines. Unlike in the routine web, which utilizes spider programs for its searches, deep web searches are laborious to search and often require help.

This is why the Yippy search engine is helpful. It aids in the search for government information, news, blogs and academic papers that are laborious to find using regular search engines. For obscure and irregular information, Yippy is the search engine of choice.

ixquick logo

8. IxQuick

The search engine refers to itself as the most private search engine. It also claims to deliver more accurate and comprehensive results than any other search engine.

This is because of it’s advanced meta-search technology. IxQuick has a 5-star rating system to display results most related to your search query.

yandex logo

9. Yandex

Yandex is popularly used in Russia. This is due to its clean look, the easy to use translation features which are a big help to people with translation problems.

The results page of this search engine resembles Google’s but is cleaner and has fewer ads. Just like Google, users can search for images, videos, news and more using this engine.

findsounds logo

10. Findsounds

Findsounds search engine allows you to filter results even before your search begins using the convenient drop down boxes and checkboxes.

It allows you to pick the favorite file formats, some channels, resolutions, and minimum sample rate. Findsounds allows you to speed up your sound search using specific sound effects.

Searching Completed

Apart from Google, there are alternative search engines with a vastness and accuracy that could change your online presence. Some of the above search engines have features to appeal to many search users and can be preserved as a secondary tool for using now and then.

What do you think about using alternative search engines to boost your visibility in the entire internet? Which of the above have you tried?

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